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How about rewind?

By Sunday night it was the rewind button I was after, I savoured my weekend but it still went past too fast. Ah well, happy memories made and it'll soon be Friday again.
On the crafting front there was a great discovery. The Mr is happy to sew in ends on granny squares! He's done most of them while we were sofa loafing. He even seems to quite enjoy it. Hurrah! That left me free to begin sewing the squares together. I've loved making my squares in large part because of the fun of choosing of colour combinations and deciding who nestles next to who is more of the same kind of play. Sometimes it's easy to pick out the next one and at other times I found I needed to look from a distance or place a different one and come back to the gap in question to feel happy about settling neighbours in. It's growing from the centre out and I love having the squares spread out around to choose from but I'm wondering whether I should have left my final few squares to make based …

Friday Feeling

Somehow we're at the weekend again - where is that pause button? I'm certainly trying to push firmly on it right now. I love love love the feeling when I finish work and have the whole weekend ahead of me.  Today everything is aligned for the optimum Friday evening experience. It has been the most glorious weather here today. The moon was still showing in the fresh morning sky when I left for work and it has been my absolute, number one, favourite type of weather all day. Clear bright blue sky and sunshine with an apple fresh crispness to the air. More of the same forecast tomorrow I think. It's begging for a scrunch in some leaves. I've got butternut squash and blue cheesey pasta in mind for supper, no doubt to be scoffed in front of an episode from The West Wing box set. I might even manage a row or two of knitting. Then we have little planned for this weekend, a lovely lunch out on Sunday and just lots of time to do what we fancy. It really stretches ahead of me wa…

Makey Happy Weekend


New Project Excitement

I started a new cardigan on Sunday and it's been fun coming home to it these darkening autumn evenings. It's the epitome of a cosy knit, a big chunky needled snuggle. I meant to make it last year for Christmas or my friend's birthday; a year on it's still been lurking in the back of my mind as a must make even if I'm not knitting Christmas gifts anymore.... We'll see! With big knits there's at least some hope for me that the new project excitement will carry me through to the tipping point when nearly finished excitement makes it the most desirable thing to work on again. This is what I'm aiming for though the sub of the Plaid for the plain Polar the pattern specifies makes the token blobs of texture somewhat obscured. Still it helps keep track of the rows. 
It promises to be a low key weekend with plenty of crafty time. I hope the same applies if that sounds blissful to you too.

And breathe

I've had a deliciously lazy afternoon. A soothing mix of catching up on Saturday night TV with a sock in hand and crocheting in the garden. I've been hurtling along of late and my crafting has been suffering. I don't think I'm built for hurtling, or at least I need some breathing space between hurtles. It's been the busiest year somehow. Work and fun. A lot of work which of late has at least been a lot more fun. Anyway a bit too much stuff that has kept me away from hooks and needles and blogs. I think this autumn will bring more crafting time; I'm determined it will. It scares me it is October already though this heatwave is helping my denial. It's good to rediscover that life feels less out of control with a crochet hook in hand.