Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy as one, two, three

A dress, a shawl and a gift. Three things to complete for my friend's wedding in just less than three weeks. Ah deadlines! I try and keep you at bay in my crafty flittings by starting things in plenty of time but you've snuck up on me. Two of these coming weeks I'm going to be travelling and none of these projects are ideal for on the road work. So I'm taking myself in hand today and getting a schedule in place for this next week to get as much done as I can. Hopefully it will be as easy as ABC.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

C is for

A very pleased Creator.
I finished my embroidery from the camping trip and am delighted with it. It's a letter C from Alicia P's Embroidery Companion book. As lovely Alicia encourages I made the project my own and took liberties with the suggested placement, colours and then because I was a chicken - the stitches! No stem stitch or French knots in the interests of dialling down the amount of new stuff to learn to keep this fun and relaxing. It was definitely both of those things and pleasingly quick too. I bought these three beautiful variegated threads from a local company, 21st Century Yarns at the Summer School Fair a couple of years ago simply because I couldn't resist them and quite by chance had the most perfect colours for this pretty piece. This is practice for two white on white embroidered cases I want to gift for a wedding later this summer. I've had this gift idea in mind since I first pored over this wonderful book when it first came out. One wedding has come and gone without me quite getting there so I'm happy to be on track for this next one and feeling a definite love for the gentle pace of embroidery, it feels like the next step up from colouring in.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Carry on camping

What are you to do when the skies don't want to play? The forecast was bad, Saturday dawned grey and damp and then the campsite we were booked at called to say that they were flooded! Pah, camping was the plan and camping we would go. We found a nearby site that had space from some less crazy than us who had cancelled and we actually had some lovely weather on Saturday afternoon to test our legs a little with a large hill. Sunday was distinctly rainy and there was a certain amount of cabin fever to contend with but what is rain for if not to make sure there is plenty of time for some embroidery? So all in all another fabulous little camping trip for our merry band.



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