Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Daniel was a good supervisor for the owl production line - as well as the needlebook I made a lavender sachet, a felt brooch following this tutorial and I knitted a little cuddly.

I'm rather proud of her, I wanted a seamless pattern for this little knit and couldn't find one easily so I  used my brain and thought about socks. She's started with a magic cast on and the only sewing was at her head and a little embroidery of feathers.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Last Minute Knitted Gifts

It's not an item from Joelle Hoverson's latest book, but in the last minute spirit I seem to be imbued with at the moment here is Willie, lying damply on the towel which was its gift wrap!
Pattern: Willie - Pamela Wynne
Yarn: Sirdar Click Chunky - 2 balls - Lamb, c3/4 ball  - Merlot, c1/2 ball - Muffler
Needles: 5.5mm
Started: May 6th 2010
Finished: August 27th 2010

What an adorable creature wee Willie is. I remember I fell instantly in love with this pattern and was so keen to knit it I bought the pattern and the yarn in a flurry. I nearly came a cropper as I made a very basic error when substituting this yarn and looked at the number of balls the pattern was written for and not the yardage of those balls. Luckily I bought two of the background colour thinking I would have enough of the others  to get two sweaters out of the four balls. The knitting gods were feeling kind that day! The Sirdar Click was a practical choice but is not a yarn to fall in love with. The wool content is not much in eveidence in the feel whilst knitting but it helped in the reshaping when it was damp I think and at least this will machine wash like a dream.

I enjoyed the construction - knit in the round from the bottom up, joining arms at the yoke. I was a bit out somehow at the yoke and running out of yarn so the decreases aren't as written but look like they'll do just fine.

Started when the bubs was six weeks old, luckily knit in the six month size this should be about perfect for the autumn. So apart from having to hand this over slightly damp seems like my timing was perfect :o)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

When the Post Aligns

When you're slogging through a Friday at work there's nothing quite like a personal package or two in the post to lift your spirits and make the weekend feel a little closer, especially when they had such weekend enhancing contents.
This beautiful collection of things is the result of the Knit Love Club Owl themed swap. The club logo inspired such fondness that one lovely member organised a swap to celebrate all things owlish. Thank you so much to my swapper. Such a delightful parcel of things - look at the owl tape measure, that's a Knit Nation Ravelry party bag and oh did you ever see such a characterful owl?
He's called Daniel. Daniel has been sat at my side all weekend and encouraged me to get my act together and get on with the making of owlish items for my own swapee. My parcel also contained owl covered magnetic chart guides - fabulous for my latest knit project, a big squishy (c)owl:
Daniel had company in the knitting supporter stakes. There's one creature that is never far away when you're enjoying some settee time, Friday night was for snuggling up:
Saturday afternoon for a gentle stretch:
Then on Sunday morning she was nestled up with the contents of my other Friday parcel, the eagerly anticipated second book from Alicia 'Posie' Paulson:
Wow. It's a delight. Everything you'd expect and somehow more. Beautiful, inspiring projects, wonderful writing and just so much care and attention lavished on each element. It is so beautifully photographed and put together. I'd buy it for the introductions alone!
Though actually I've begun on my first project from it - a needle book-
though with more of an owl thing going on.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Made it!

Yes. These photos were hastily taken in the car park, at the wedding, this cushion cover was a gift for! Glad this was a deadline I managed to make.Pattern: My own construction inspired by the New Directions in Knitting Course
Yarn: About 3 balls of Sirdar Denim Ultra - Ivory Cream
Needles: 6.5mm
Started: July 29th 2010
Finished: August 14th 2010

This was such a fun knit, squishy yarn (super cheap and washable, one of my favourite ever acrylic blends that doesn't feel like acrylic - if only they had a better range of colours) simple to work and I just threw in ribbons, yarns and some texture to create the heart motifs as it felt right. I did a provisional cast on and then knit the body of the cushion in the round, cast off half the stitches and knit the rest on for the moss stitch flap. Grafted the bottom closed and sewed on three beautiful ceramic heart shaped buttons from Injabulo.

Rather fitting as it was through their site that I found details of the Oxford Summer School. The course inspired me to take what was planned as a plain cover with one reverse stocking stitch heart and turn it into a much more interesting piece. I'm delighted with how it turned out - both as a sampler of some techniques that I'd like to take on to other pieces and as a lovely object in its own right. This is my second time gifting a hand made cushion cover for a wedding and I'm sure there will be more. The two I made previously are always on my friends' sofa when I visit and I get such a kick out of seeing them and feeling like I added a little love to their home.

I'm sorry I haven't been much in evidence in the blogosphere this past month or so. Work is SUPER busy and I've also been indulging in lots of out of the house fun as I'm feeling much better lately. Hurrah! Soon I'll work out my new routines and I'll catch up with my reading list. Thank you all for the comments here in the meantime.

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Tangent

The molehills are not mountains yet. Holiday time saw a little desultory sock knitting and that was it and now I'm knitting off on the most wonderful tangent. I spent the latter half of last week on a very inspirational course - New Directions with Knitting.The tutors, Susanna and Kate, put together a brilliant set of exercises and tutorials that the group could dip in and out of depending on previous knowledge and the directions we wanted to explore. From very technical work such as double knitting through to the fun of knitting with any material you can think of from jute to videotape. I had my first go at knitting with wire and beads and have lots of jewellery related ideas to explore from this experience. There were twelve students with mixed experience and approaches to knitting and that diversity coupled with lovely supportive attitudes helped to make it a wonderful group to be part of. This was my happy space for four days of fun.
My main project piece is a cushion cover with heart motifs, picking up on the idea of knitting in more unusual textures such as ribbons and threads with the yarn and sampling the effects of other techniques I learnt. My other WIPS won't be getting a look in until it is finished.
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