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From Cannon Beach, with LOVE xxx


Portland Postcards

Part one of our trip is coming to an end and Portland has treated us so very well we'll be sad to go; though as it's time for the beach tomorrow I'm bearing up. Here are some shots around town.
Pioneer Square, very early on our first morning.
The motto on the top of The Governor Hotel.
Powell's, apparently the largest independent bookstore in the world. We also found a whole shop dedicated to mystery novels today and I am so excited that I bought a copy of one of the last few Christie novels I don't own. I didn't buy any knitting books from this amazing selection in Powell's, too much choice?!
The food here has been great, plenty of vegetarian choice for the Mr - and I can (even though my heart sank when I saw that was where we were going) highly recommend an organic vegan cafe - Blossoming Lotus - the food was delicious.
The Willamette River which divides the city in two halves.
A view back to the south west of the city from the Hawthorne Bridge.
Autumn in the b…

Supposed to be packing...

...but just a quick break to show the latest craft to hit this house.
Patchwork! We're making two squares towards 40 for a friend who turns 40 at the end of the year. Our mutual friends organising this project are amazing - they've bought and cut all the fabrics and sent them out with the best instructions - such that even total patchwork novices can achieve a log cabin square of (almost) the right proportions. This is the first real action this machine has seen, I really need a block of time to sit down and sew some simple things and get to grips with it. Maybe after holiday, anyone for a tote bag for their Christmas gift?
Each square will be embroidered with a word that connects the sewer and the giftee . What a fabulous gift it will be.
So back to the packing, we fly tomorrow and have just about everything organised, well as much as it needs to be, smooching around without too many plans often makes for the best times in a new city doesn't it? Have a happy fortnight :)

Autumn Nests in the Parks

Last week when visiting the Parks my friends and I found a human sized nest.
It was left there by an artist fascinated by nests - Emma Kwan and despite the mighty power of Google that's about all I know about why they are there. The Parks boast an impressive array of benches but this interactive art makes the most delightful, cosy, fragrant place to sit and as it was apparently one of a series of six the 1TB went back today for a picnic in the nest and to see whether we could find the others.We only found three more of the giant kind this visit but very much enjoyed our autumn walk with special resting places. If you ever get the chance to sit in a nest I'd highly recommend it.

Out, out, out (in)

So the stash reckoning for the last quarter sees me with a halo perched above my smug non-yarn buying face!

Out through a combination of knits and donations:

Lazy Leaves - 366 metres
Moonlight - 1,000 metres
Baktus - 695 metres
Macaroon Purse - 92 metres
Lady E - 797 metres
Stripey Socks - 422 metres
H - 110 metres

To the charity shop:

Bright pink acrylic DK - 300 metres
Patons Bella - 157 metres
Wendy Shimmer - 220 metres
Wendy Chenille - 145 metres

OUT: 4,304 metres - go me!

And it gets better because coming in there was a mere one ball - required for my Knit a Poem H (because there are no useful basics in my stash!) and knit immediately - I know, I know, I am too amazing for words!

Wendy Emu Superwash DK - 110 metres

IN: 110 metres

Year to date:
In - 2,792
Out - 8,134

Such goody goodyness on my part, such restraint. It was only going to end in one way - a splurge. I like to think I've done it in style by joining my first sock club:

I am now actually looking forward to January my least favourite mont…


Last weekend Ma and Pa came to visit and, with the beloved, we took a day trip to Brighton to see my brother's new sea view - if you hang out the window risking life and camera it's right there:We were glad to see it after battling through dreadful traffic, perhaps we should have taken note that it was Labour Party conference time.
Though it was always going to be busy with people making the most of the wonderful sunshine
and a food market on the front.
After this day my abiding mental image of Brighton will be of icecream colour buildings against brilliant blue skies.
I'm not sure how my brother has ended up with my dream of living beside the seaside, but here's to plenty more family outings to visit him.