Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Postcards from Home

I often manage to buy postcards with the intention of sending them and then end up posting them from home having not managed to buy stamps or recognise a post box. This post is the virtual equivalent of that; I wrote it on Wednesday last week and then couldn't get the photos to upload. I thought I'd post it now as it is more interesting than the sixty billion loads of washing I've done since I got back. That and staring at my Mum's cardigan wondering whether it will be done by Christmas. All other Christmas knitting has been abandoned or delayed, but I think there is still hope for the cardi!

Anyway here's San Fran:------
I made it around most of town before the work part of this trip kicked in. Come rain or shine or fogI have toured.

Two knitting shops have been visited - Imagiknit was fabulous, lovely range and George the Yarn Dog (not the staying still for a photo type of dog sadly) made the experience complete. Very little yarn was purchased! One skein of Malabrigo and a little Koigu KPPPM. I saved the spend for some classic books - two of the Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries and her Knitting from the Top book; much better value in the US than the UK.

I was going to let Chris off with just the one shop but following an accidental (genuinely!) detour we ended up a couple of blocks from Greenwich Stitchworks. I think I was spoilt by the experience of Imagiknit as I actually left without buying anything here. If you are rationed for yarn shopping opportunities by accompanying persons without an obsessional love of yarn I would go for Imagiknit every time.

I'm seeing a different face of the city this week; staying downtown for the business part of my trip in a somewhat more glam hotel. It's all much more luxurious here but life feels more complicated and hectic. I guess work does that to you. Lots of Christmas shoppers in Union Square. The contrasts of the wealth and poverty of this city are more evident and challenging here too. North Beach I miss you.Just a few days left now and this homebody is looking forward to getting back but still I know I will leave some of my heart in San Francisco.


And I have though it is indeed lovely to be home.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

San Francisco Postcards

A sock started to grow on the flight over – the biggest achievement was winding the ball from a very unruly skein. Not something I meant to leave for the plane and I certainly will be 100% prepared for the journey back. I know that knitting isn’t more important than human bodily functions but I would have loved it if my neighbours had managed to keep their legs crossed till I made it to the end of the winding. Still untangling made for a welcome distraction from the movie No Reservations which I can’t imagine I would have bothered watching to the end under more natural circumstances. I did envy Catherine Zeta Jones’ character her gorgeous apartment though. I think they spent a lot more time on the set design than the script for this film.

Today we’re hanging out waiting for heavy rain to pass over as we have a mission to The Mission planned – lots of lovely things to look at in that neighbourhood including Imagiknit :o)
The hotel is as charming in real life as I had hoped. It feels like a dolls house to me – dinky rooms, pretty old fashioned furnishings. Shared bathrooms but they are fabulous – the claw foot tub makes for a wonderful wallow.

We’re situated for this week in an area called North Beach, right by the start of the cable car line to the centre. We took our first ride yesterday and I am addicted – just wish they covered more of the city. The sedate pace uphill is just right for sight seeing and the whoosh downhill adds a certain frisson of excitement – as does the stopping policy - right on the centre of the intersections.

So despite crazy jetlag I am feeling 150% better than for the last few weeks. I am in love with this city – planning which of the mansions I might buy: Eating, eating and more eating:
Just taking it all in and relaxing. Deep breathing.
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