Monday is not Sunday but it will do just fine

Done at last and straight in to action. Socks make great little summer projects but as the weather starts to cool down they really come in to their own. There's nothing quite so satisfying in knitting for me as finishing up and pulling the item in question straight on for some much desired warmth. 
Yarn: Socks that Rock in the wonderful Thraven
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Started: June 9th 2010
Finished: October 18th 2010
These are a wonderful match of a pattern I love (top down - yay!) and a yarn I'd dreamt about owning until the start of this year. Thank you again Wendy for your generosity and thoughtfulness it makes these beauties all the more beautiful to me. I may never take them off  though I love how they look when I do. The sculptural aspects of the ribs are wonderful.
And the colour - oh the gorgeous colour - it's a little more true to life in this last shot. I doubt I'll ever have the photography skills to quite capture the amazing depth and variation of these nearly black Raven clan colourways. They are an amazing expression of a real art form.

I'm so lucky in this socky month to jump straight from the yarn of one master dyer to another. Here's the first glimpse of the WM sock - a rather beautiful folded cuff if I do say so myself. Alice has designed a fabulous pattern for variegated colourways so I decided to behave myself as a club member and knit the pattern with the yarn it was designed for. More to see of this at the weekend I feel sure.


Ally Jay said…
Socks are good. I just need to be more focused on getting the second one done.
Spinster Beth said…
They're lovely! I love the pattern, it's so precise. I always make so many mistakes in my patterns.

Ally, I too suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. I have cured it by either knitting both socks at once on circulars, or I knit the first one to the heel, put it on stitch holders, then start the second one. I switch them again after the gusset decreases are done.
Anonymous said…
oh my goodness. two wonderful sock yarns in the one post! i looooove raven clan colours too, tho i really must be more frugal with the washing! and i can just tell that WM is going to be PERFECT! love the cuff too!
Those are beautiful socks! And the color is so rich.
marycatharine said…
They look so warm and cozy! Can't wait to see the a folded cuff in the WM.
Kitty said…
Beautiful socks! The yarn and pattern go together perfectly!
Rachel said…
Beautiful the pattern and oh, the color!!

Looking forward to hearing your 'knitting with WM' experience!
behind the ivy said…
Those socks are gorgeous! That yarn is beautiful, and I'm definitely going to investigate that pattern!

Can't wait to see how your variegated socks turn out, that pattern sounds intriguing.
Anita said…
Hi Sarah, There is nothing like home made socks! This winter I had made several pairs of socks and when they were in the wash basket and I had to wear bought socks, it just wasn't the same. Kind regards, Anita.
Charity said…
So gorgeous - I love the colour changes. :o)
raining sheep said…
They are beauties!! Nice work. I am loving that color so much. Believe it or not I cast on for some socks today!
Rose Red said…
Gosh, you are so right, that Thraven and the pattern are perfect for each other - it's such a fab pattern.

And I'm loving how the WM is knitting up so far, it looks great!
Kelly said…
Those are some beautiful socks! Nice job :)
Lea said…
oh wow - they are so stunning
Wendy said…
Those are beautiful, beautiful socks!!! I love the cables - they look stunning!
I still need to knit up my STR (I got the Corbae colourway). Now I think it'll have to be cables too...
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous socks. I really need to get on with some sock knitting. My feet are very cold.
They are gorgeous. Have you ever done socks with Bo Peep's Not Just For Socks Yarn? I think you'd like it:
Moss Stitch said…

Is it worth joining the UK Knitters Ring as I am struggling with even getting through the technicalities of it all.

Your site is lovely. I have only just set up my bloig as I'm launching my new yarn venture.


Kirsty@Moss Stitch
Kyoko said…
Such pretty socks! :D
My hand knitted socks helped me to keep my feet warm while I had fever last week. Knitting is sooo therapeutic :D what would we do without it?
I love the variagated coloured yarn you have there. It's so tempting to get a new skein but I must use the old one!!
Lynne said…
The Caretta socks are lovely - well done on finishing them so beautifully.

Yes, I'm back in Blogland after a nine month absence (explanation on my blog) and am reading all your posts from June through to now!

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