And a week on, here's "Holiday Knitting - Part II"

Did a week go by? I've been slightly dazed and confused these past days. So out of practice at getting up and that work stuff, sign of a good holiday I guess. Suffice to say, I'm only just finding time to post about my knitting souvenir but as it's seen little action since the end of holiday it's kind of fitting. I'll try and settle back in to that lovely post vacay relaxed vibe I had last weekend and it'll be like the work never got between us.
Knitting on our balcony at Rottingdean

As with my project choice I'd done my preparation for a little holiday yarn shopping. I knew that Christchurch had a lovely traditional wool shop, Honora Wool Specialists stacked high with a big range of the staple UK yarns. To try and avoid my normal panic when faced with such riches I picked out a pattern in advance that I could hunt down some suitable yarn for. I went for Short Lucky as a nice autumn welcoming cosy project, I don't have anything quite like it and I want it!

I nearly got distracted by a surprise yarn shop find in Bristol - a lovely little boutique style shop -  Woolly Thinking  - but though some highly covetable Artesano Aran wool and alpaca blend tried to win me over it was a bit too over budget. I'm glad I resisted as I eventually found a very easy on  the pocket yarn in Honora. It's Patons Wool Blend Aran which is one I haven't seen before. It's a wool/acrylic mix but it feels good and woolly. Woolly in a serious 'I'm going to wear like a dream' way rather than woolly in a smoochy, snuggly Cashshoft  'I'll pill as soon as you look at me' way. For an over garment like Short Lucky which isn't going to be next to the skin I'm thinking it should be perfect.  
It's nice on the hands to knit with, a dry sort of feel and is looking very pleasing in the broken rib pattern. I think this piece is going to be a fine addition to my wardrobe and there are some lovely memories knit into it already that I'll enjoy carrying with me. 
Hengistbury Head


Anonymous said…
oh very pleasing indeed! beautiful colour, and nice views too!!
Fiona said…
love the pattern that's emerging! So impressed on your planning ahead re yarn shops - a lesson for me to take on board I think!
Bells said…
you know, your approach is one I'm going to think of when going on holidays next - if I plan for a project to shop for when I'm in a town with a nice wool shop, I think Ill have a much more effective shopping experience.

Hope you can cling onto a little of your holiday vibe!
raining sheep said…
Lots of knitting going on in your corner!! Love it. I like the color on this yarn, it would go so great with denim.
Rose Red said…
great view! must have made it hard to focus on the knitting!

Really good colour yarn, looks like a very versatile garment!
Rachel said…
Ooohhh, that yarn is working up beautifully!
T. said…
Love the tweedy yarn....
t does wool said…
that pattern looks,love the yarn Sarah~

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