In Bloom

or perhaps more accurately here is some fruit.
Pattern: iPhone Purse from Cotton&Cloud
Yarn: Rowanspun DK in Cloud (734) and Snowball (730)
Needles: 4mm Bamboo DPNs
Start: 1 April 2010
Finish: 10 April 2010

This is a sweet, clever design - from a sweet, clever designer :o) Double layered for protection of the gadget, a wee pocket for keeping the headphones safe. It looks magically seam free and is a fun simple knit using skills often found in sock knitting.
In this picture it's holding an iPod Mini though this is just a stunt iPod as it's for a colleague at work who has an iPod Touch. I think it's a versatile design which would snuggle well round various sized electronic devices as it's stretchy but snuggly with its double layer.l I've been promised payment in KitKats for this so I foresee a happy week ahead.


t does wool said…
what a great little knit Sarah~~
Lynne said…
Very cute and so practical. Hope the new owner appreciates its wonders.
Lea said…
oh that is gorgeous - I think I will have to make one of those!
Rose Red said…
That seems like a pretty fair exchange!! Nice work!
amanda said…
Now this is something I could really do with! My ipod is taking a hammmering in my bag!
mooncalf said…
lovely! I just bought one of the snappy closure thingies so I can make one myself.

I've been eyeing iPhone pouches for a while but I like the fact that this one snaps closed and has a little pocket. Ace!
Rachel said…
Great, practical gift (and pretty to boot!). I like the pocket for the headphones the best!
Charity said…
This is a sweet little cozy! Stuart might need one of those for his... :o)
Anonymous said…
cute and practical! excellent! i love the pocket for the headphones too, ingenious design.
Bells said…
nice work! Perfectly executed. Now I want one.
Kyoko said…
OMG!!!! Sarah you did it! :D I am so super happy and over the moon!!!
Thank you so much for trying out the pattern. I can't describe how happy I am to see someone knitting my pattern :D
Thank you!
The purse looks so sweet. I love the colour and yarn you used.
Totally utterly made my day :D
*big hugs*
dreamcatcher said…
I love the ipod cosy, so elegant and really lovely in the tweedy yarn. Levens is looking great too :-)

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