Just for Fun - Collage

One of the things that I was most surprised to discover about myself last week is that I'm really bad at having fun.

Even things that are fun must serve some other purpose and can bring out the inner critic. Like say, knitting? Or most recently and very clearly sewing? Why yes indeed! Sometimes it seems crazy how many times it takes to learn a simple lesson. Enjoy the path, who knows what, where or when the end is.

So this lunchtime I took advantage of the fact of working from home today and did something I love to do so much, but never do because I never have anything to do with the final object. Messy, happy, cut and stick of pretty pictures. I'm off to do some more, just for fun.


Lynne said…
Oh, how I can relate to that! I was asked recently "Have you done any art lately?". It was a subject I had been thinking about quite a bit because I had discovered myself thinking things like:
"Why? It hasn't any practical use?"
"What a waste of materials and time!"
"What are you going to do with it?" It's time to get going with some art for the process sake! (and for fun LOL)
Kyoko said…
Yay! Collage is fun :D I often put too much glue and the paper become a bit funny...
I should have more fun too. I am often too lazy or too shy to do anything outside... It is just so fun knitting and cuddling the kitties you see..
Hope you are having a good week.
T. said…
Multi-talented; multi-crafter.
Glue and scissors remind me of being a kid. I think today I'm going to "paint" with my boys - also reminds me of being a kid and is FUN!!
Bells said…
oh that DOES sound fun! Play is so important.

My inner critic is alive and well too. Silencing her is not always easy. In fact it never is.
Lucie said…
You have inspired me to have fun and play for the sheer joy of making something fun.
t does wool said…
fun collage~~!
enjoy your creativity~
Linda said…
That seems a great idea and reminds me that I started a little collage book, so I will dig it out!
Modelwidow said…
And why not, you are right you know, these days with the emphasis on achieving and targets, we forget to have fun even in our leisure time. So good for you.
raining sheep said…
This does look like a ton of fun....hmmm....this is something I should do once in a while too!
amanda said…
I can relate to this too! I always feel like there has to be some other point to doing something other than just having fun. Glad it's not just me! :)
Rachel said…
I suffer from the same problem. Although I think it's more guilt at taking the time to have fun (when there are SO many things for work that I need to do) rather than not knowing how to have fun or feeling fun should achieve a purpose other than just for fun. I'm glad to see you are learning the art :)

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