So if we can get a drum roll please, I am delighted to announce the winners of the third blogiversary yarn drawings from All Fingers and Thumbs.

For the the Piccolo iiiiiiitttttttssssssss.... Lori, for the Manos our hedgehog loving friend... Kelly and last but not least for the Plaid... Fiona. If the the three lucky ladies could be in touch with addresses by email or PM to Thumbelina on Ravelry I'll get this yarn in the mail; Fiona: Blogger didn't capture any of your details so I hope you see this here :o)

Thank you to everyone who joined in and for all the compliments you left me for my blogging, enough to keep me going for at least enough another three years I think!
Here are some winners of another kind, a pair of lovely socks, a finished object I do believe. Something not seen in these parts for quite some time! These are the Socktober Mystery socks finished just in time for the prize draw - quite an incentive to focus! I'd done well at keeping up with the clues until holiday intervened, but it's still a fun way to knit a sock for a change.
Pattern: Mystery Sock 09 - Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Something lovely but unidentified from Ebay - dagnammit!
Needles: 2.75mm DPNs
Started: 1 October 2009
Finished: 29 November 2009
I particularly love the flow of the pattern - the transitions into the heel flap and onto the top of the foot - very clever indeed.

The yarn is gorgeous, pure wool I think. Flat but plump if that makes any sense? It's not twisty like the tightly spun merinos like Shibui or Socks that Rock but has a lovely denseness to it. Answers on a postcard if anyone recognises it! I had a scary moment with the second sock as I ran out of yarn mid way through the toe, it's slightly shorter and blunter than it's friend now!

As well as a belated Socktober sock these are my first contribution to the Southern Summer of Socks - so happy socky season to everyone knitting along with that.


Lea said…
happy 3rd birthday! it is a lovely yarn - I hope someone knows what it is
Bells said…
i'm starting to see this sock all over the place and it's fabulous. Adore the colour of yours!
Lori said…
NO WAY!! I never win anything. Wow, thank you! I'll send my address. Wow. Now I just have to figure out what to make. :)
DrK said…
what an amazng colour in that yarn. those socks look fantastic! yay for FOs!
marycatharine said…
Congrats to all the winners!

Those socks are beautiful and the yarn really seems to make them all the more special.
Leonie said…
Love your socks. It really is a fabulous pattern, I loooove mine!
Rachel said…
Another fabulous example of this year's Mystery sock. I'm just impressed by all you who can knit a pair of socks in under a month! Looks great!
dreamcatcher said…
Love the socks, the colour is gorgeous and bright!
Caffeine Girl said…
I love this sock. The yarn is gorgeous so it's frustrating not to be able to order some for myself. I'm finding that I really like Kapur's designs. I'm sure I'll end up buying this one!
T. said…
Happy 3rd blogiversary!!
Rose Red said…
Love the lovely red socks! It is a clever pattern isn't it!

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