September Sunshine

The sun has been quite shy all summer which is making seeing it all the more delightful this weekend.It's my idea of weatherly perfection.
There's a freshness in the air and a mellowness to the warmth of the sun that made being in the garden the obvious choice today (unless you were my one true beloved, in which case cycling to Cambridge was it).
Panda agreed with me.
The leaves are starting to colour and fall but there are always flowers to enjoy.
This little nasturtium has had a hard fight to bloom this summer. The seeds sent from my Mama's garden were still in their envelope when they should have been in the soil and I had little energy at the time to do anymore than cast them on stony ground and trust that they would find a way to grow. Thanks to my Mama and Mother Nature for this golden treasure.
These cyclamen don't know how easy they have it.


Melissa said…
Cute kitty! We have been having some lovely weather around here too, and spending a lot of time in the yard. Unfortunately the only thing I do in the yard is push the kids on the swing.
marycatharine said…
It looks like you're having wonderful weather! Take advantage of it while for as long as you can.
Linda said…
Hasn't the weather been lovely? I spentmost of today clearing the garden and mowing the grass. It was lovely!
Lea said…
it looks so lovely. I am in Darwin this week and it is so so hot and humid I don't want to go outside.
T. said…
AWWWW...what a lovely garden!
Rachel said…
Doesn't the sun put a smile on your face and make everything seem like it will work out! Glad you got some this weekend and you took full advantage of it!
Bells said…
what sublime sunshine. I adored the English sunshine when I was there. It was gentle, where our sunshine is often so harsh. Lovely.
The Blonde Duck said…
I popped in to say hi! It looks so cozy in your world! I live in South Texas, so we're celebrating it's finally 80 degrees!
clarabelle said…
Ooh, lovely autumnal photos, Sarah! And is Panda the cat the one I think doesn't look quite real, because he's/she's so totally perfect?

I love cyclamen and hope to recycle one which my uncle bought me last year.

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