Fly by

With a whoosh we're at the end of September. I am about a month behind the year, I could just about believe I was ready to start September not finish it. So if anyone else is feeling life is running away with them you might appreciate these words of wisdom selected by my amazing notebook customiser:

T made a beautiful, suitably autumnal, cover for the notebook she converted to an illustrated book of days which will commence with October. I hope that it will help me savour and create the greatest number of good hours (and some lovely recipes too!)Thanks again for my wonderful parcel, talented T, thanks again to QoftF for organising a lovely swap and thank you all for the compliments on my first faltering steps in embroidery. Here's to a wonderful October, I'll be back soon with tales of a trip to Brighton, reports on stash enhancing and reducing and maybe, even some knitting, one day.


Rose Red said…
I know what you mean by September flying by (oh dear!). Your notebook is lovely! I look forward to hearing about your October adventures!
Charity said…
That is a beautiful quote, and a marvellous notebook! :o)
marycatharine said…
Autumn always seems to zip right by. That's a beautiful notebook.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the quote. I needed to read that. My days - my life! - are flying by. I am going to print that out in some sort of fancy calligraphy font, and put it on the wall facing my desk so that I read it every day. And I might need one for the refrigerator at home, too.

Looking forward to hearing about the knitting and stash enhancements.
Rachel said…
Thanks for sharing that quote. It was much needed and all of a sudden I'm breathing just a little bit easier (I knew there was a reason to wait until today to catch up on your posts!).
Linda said…
The notebook looks wondeful.

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