Training Camp

If athletes benefit from training at altitude do you think that my knitting speed will have been improved by knitting in the Swiss Alps this week?In truth not much knitting was done as that boring old thing - work - kept getting in the way - oh and don't feel too envious of the view - most of the week it looked like this:
I am in deadline knitting training on these Sockamania socks which need to be done by the end of June to enter in to the draw:
Should be good preparation for the two sporting knitalongs I'll now be participating in for July - when I read on Artificially Mythic that there is an Ashes KAL on Ravelry I thought I'd better sign on for that too. Nice and relaxed - just set your own goals for each test - should fit well with the WIP completion for the Tour KAL.

Thank you for all the bee and garden love in the comments on the last post. Most of the plants are flourishing thanks to the 1TB who has been on watering duty for the week and pleasingly the little visitors are buzzing - though if only humming birds were a possibility! I managed to snap a good shot of a little friend this morning:


Caffeine Girl said…
Training of any kind in the alps sounds like a good idea.
marycatharine said…
Even for a few moments of that view I'm envious. Good luck with all of your July projects.
Rose Red said…
With a view like that, I'm sure I wouldn't get much knitting done at all!!
Lea said…
can I just say you are Brilliant! I switched for firefox and it all seems to be working fine.
Geek Knitter said…
I love those old-fashioned roses!
DrK said…
i would be happy with any view of the swiss alps really! i am conflicted about cricket these days so stayed off that kal but am gearing up for the cycling!
Rachel said…
I seriously want to jump in that first picture! I've been trying to plan a trip to Switzerland for years to visit a best friend. They have a cabin in the Alps and oh man...this picture just lit a fire to find any way possible to get over there!

And those socks are gorgeous--the design and the color. I can't wait to see them finished.

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