Never look a gift horse in the mouth

Whenever I come up with some quaint phrase as a blog post title I feel an irrestible urge to Google it and read about the origins. Did you know that this saying is thought to originate from St Jerome? According to my interwebby research his words were apparently "Never inspect the teeth of a gift horse." This would be assessing the value of the gift rather than appreciating it in the spirit it was given. Makes sense now - I'd always thought it must be something to do with seeing something you wouldn't want, like the gift might bite back at you!All of this is because the yarn acquisition this quarter comes mainly in gift form from a destashing friend and gratefully though it was received I did wince a little at the addition to my stash. I take this as a good sign of the internalisation of my stash reduction philosophy, soon I'll be evangelising on the benefits of having no stash! Well maybe not so soon I did buy the beautiful kit from Cotton & Cloud - but that is a mere one skein of yarn - already in use - oh and some Patons Purple Heather so cheap in the charity shop that it was really a gift as well. It's a lovely bitter chocolate brown, though it's looking rather black in this shot:

Lana Grossa Piccolo Print - 15 skeins - 870 metres
Sirdar Denim Ultra - 6 skeins - 450 metres
Jamieson's Shetland Heather - 1 skein - 92 metres
Patons Purple Heather - 4 skeins - 366 metres
Total: 1,778

One Serendipity sock - 165 metres
Francis Revisited - 1,025 metres
Slippers - 106 metres
Total: 1,296

Year to date:
In - 2,682
Out - 3,830

Bring on the KAL's that should see the completion of some projects tying up a fair bit of yarn waiting to go out!


T. said…
You have more out than in so that is progress!!
Anna said…
I'm so impressed when people post their stash details like this! I'm heavily in denial about mine...
marycatharine said…
Stash minimalism, incredibly impressive.
Lea said…
I am a bit the same about adding like things to my stash - it has put of swaps I have to say. I like your stash work.
Rose Red said…
You are doing fantastically on the stash I'm even more embarrassed about the total I'll be posting later tonight...
Bells said…
oh thanks for the saying update. I love that kind of thing. The saying makes so much more sense now!
Linda said…
Well odne with the ins and outs! I have destashed, restashed so many times I don't know what I have .... its still in 2 boxes, just!
florencemary said…
OMG, Sarah, all that arithmetic gives me palpitations!

And yes, NLAGHITM; but sometimes you get a bit tired of 'gifts' and you want to buy something that YOU want. And this is usually (and sadly) to do with disposable income....

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