Sock Roulette and Toeses

I finished up the Sock Roulette socks at the weekend. Thank you so much to Julie for organising and to Pam for knitting for me with such beautiful yarn and a great pattern. It's really fun to only knit one of a pattern and get a pair of socks and I found it strangely freeing to have the choice of what to knit taken away, especially when such a lovely choice had been made.

Pattern: Serendipity
Yarn: Socks that Rock - Lightweight
Needles: 2.25mm Harmony DPNs
Started: 21 March 2009
Finished: 4 April 2009

This sock was a real pleasure to knit; the pattern is simple but effective and the feel of the Socks that Rock yarn is wonderful. It's very firm and smooth - less springy than the other merino yarns I've tried like Shibui Sock or Jitterbug - but it feels like it has more substance, more density perhaps? I knew it would be lovely, it's something I've always wanted to knit with and it really is now taking every ounce of willpower and desire to destash not to blow all my pennies on an unkindness of ravens.

The pattern does have my unfavoured heel option - a short row heel - but it balanced that out by introducing me to the joy of a star toe. Mine came out less pixie-ish than my partner's as I did a quicker decrease section. Cute as the pixie point was I decided the rounder toe was the more practical option.I didn't think anything would compete with the wedge toe for comfort whilst wearing but I have to say I like the stars on the toeses; for anyone who hates kitchener stitch this could be your new favourite sock toe as you simply decrease in a spiral and then thread the yarn through and cinch closed - simplicity itself. Three different toes in my repertoire now: I think the wedge is still my preferred option but I'll be seeing stars again I'm sure - as for short row toes, still no place for you in my affections - for my next toe ups I want to master the magic cast on.

This is the sock that I made for my partner:
Pattern: Hourglass
Yarn: Shibui Sock - Chinese Red
Needles: 2.5mm Harmony DPNs
Started: 17 February 2009
Finished: 5 March 2009

Ah socks, love them so much - so many pattern choices and so many options for each component part. However I have some startling news, there are currently NO socks on my needles! I am waiting with baited breath for my pre-ordered Cookie A book to arrive - current estimate 30 April - can I go that long without starting a new pair?


T. said…
My blog partner Jo got her Cookie book yesterday - can't wait to view it! I love the regular old wedge toe, but I usually stop at about 20-24 stitches. That's my current preference at least!
Julie said…
So glad everyone's enjoying the Sock Roulette! I think having just one sock to knit is amazingly fun. Just knock one out and have a pair, or knit one and pop it in the mail.

I think we all need to do this again next year. Definitely.
Cyb√®le said…
You've got time to cast on and fnish off a pair of socks before the book arrives - surely...?
Rose Red said…
Great socks!! I'm knitting with STR for the first time now too and I agree with your views - it is really very very nice!!

I also agree on the wedge toe, I like it a lot! But you can do the magic cast on, I know you can!
SueJ said…
Good job! For toe up, try Wendy Johnson's second method in her sport weight sock pattern

I like it alot!
Rachel said…
Nice socks--both sets (I'm loving the pattern on the red one!). I realized the other day that it has been over 6 months since I've had a pair of socks on the needles...and so cast one on immediately. Now all seems right with the world.
Linda said…
Look at the lovely Shibu red yarn! I need to learn more about all those toes. My favourite was from the Embossed leaves socks, a star shape I think.
DrK said…
oh yummy socks. i got my cookie a book on the weekend and am half impressed, half annoyed. i am about to start some mens socks in STR raven, scrummy, and am going right now to look up how to do a star toe as kitchener is the bane of my sock knitting existence! thanks for the tip.
Anonymous said…
what fabulous socks, I've never attempted a pair just admire.
Kyoko said…
Beautiful socks! I always wanted to try out Shibui Yarns. Looks like they are really good. Shame it is not readily available in the UK.
BTW I am doing a free giveaway competition for a knitting book on my blog. Do check it out :D
raining sheep said…
I LOVE the serendipity sock. So pretty, I think it is the color and the striping that pleases me most.
t does wool said…
beaurtiful socks...I really should make a pair.
amanda said…
It is sock city over here! I could quite fancy trying that star toe too now.

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