Our plum tree, my jumper and my energy levels as the weekend begins.

This is the perfect week night knit when the hands are willing but the mind is less so. I might look for a more challenging knit for a weekend without fixed plans, or it might be that the garden gets some attention if this glorious sunshine continues. Whatever your weekends hold I hope they are wonderful.


Geek Knitter said…
If my weather forecast is to be believed, I should be able to get into the garden this weekend. I've missed it so much!
Charity said…
I hear you - I started a seed stitch jacket for my youngest, and the inches and inches of K1P1 are mind numbing! :o) Have a wonderful weekend!
Lynne said…
Beautiful blossoms. I look out on the last of the autumn flowers and a grey sky laden with the promise of dropping much liquid if I'm silly enough to hang out some washing!
T. said…
AHhhh... blossoms. So jealous! We still have snow (lots of snow).
m1k1 said…
"I hope you like random strangers with kindly intentions reading and commenting! "
As you said, in Kylie's blog comments, I thought I'd be a random stranger on yours.
The world can feel quite small, at times, when we get to connect with kindred spirits like this.
Marianne said…
That is one gorgeous blossoming tree! Your jumper is coming along quite grand.
Great weekend to you in whatever you decide to do.
Linda said…
I love the spring blossoms! I hope you have a great weekend.

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