Let the Games Commence

Here is where the Christmas knitting gets serious.

I've been dithering about whether to knit Mum a Christmas jumper. I have a couple of scarves planned for her and with everything else I want to make I was thinking I might use the time well elsewhere. I have had the yarn for the project an age but hadn't found an inspiring enough pattern to get me past my misgivings. Till last night. A procrastinating knitter with Ravelry at her fingertips is bound to find just the right pattern to add that edge of hysteria to the gift knitting proceedings.
This is a free pattern from Straw.com/Crystal Palace Yarns but I'm subbing in Rowan Plaid.

Ssshhh don't disturb it, but this looks like a certain sock making some progress again:
Do you feel a sense of déjà vu? Is this the 400th picture of this toe? Still with your never flagging encouragement I'm convinced we can get this sock knit! Though would you believe I went wrong again last night? Well of course you would! Shall we have a sweepstake on how many more times I can muppet-ise this straightforward pattern? As Judy says - these are definitely becoming LoveMeNots ;o)

In a fit of pique at having ripped back I grabbed some 2mm dpns instead of 2.5mm ones and knit a few rounds. No excuse for such uselessness when I have such a lovely DPN organiser, I got this a little while back but forgot to show y'all. From this lovely Etsy shop. I couldn't face ripping it again so I just eased in the 2.5s gradually and thankfully I think it is fine.

Did I also mention that I want these accursed monsters finished by next Saturday as the intended recipient is coming to visit and I want to have her Christmas bounty ready to take away with her. So really you'd think I'd be knitting rather than blogging right?


Piglottie said…
Sometimes we come across a sock pattern that challenges us, nay defies us! And then we conquer the mountain and feel we have moved that bit closer to knitting nirvana. In other words, it will probably be a pain in the a**e but you will get there in the end and we are happy to cheer along the way :) I know this, as I had my own sock knitting nightmare earlier in the year.

Am loving the yarn you've chosen for your mum :)
florencemary said…
Love the jacket pattern for your mum! It's difficult with the Chrimbo knits, knowing whether you'll get things done in time.. perhaps knit it for her as a New Year's present (to let yourself off the hook!). These goals we set ourselves!

Keep on in there with the socks! Unless you get to hate them, that is, and if so, then kiss 'em goodbye! Riiiiipppppp.
Marianne said…
hahahaha... yes, get to knitting! you have no time to waste,eh?

The jacket pattern for your mum is lovely... as is that yarn!

Good luck with all the Christmas knitting!
Rose Red said…
Love the yarn you've chosen for your mum's cardi.

You can do the socks. You can do the socks. You can do the socks!
dreamcatcher said…
Oh goodness that pattern is certainly causing a few headaches! Crossing my fingers for things going well from now on. Love the cardi pattern you have found, that will look a treat in the Plaid.
Linda said…
You will manage those dratted socks especially with all that determination!! I like the Rowan yarn knitted up.
Seahorse said…
I admire your dedication to those socks! Here's hoping you've beaten them into submission this time!

Love the pattern and yarn you've chosen for your Mum :)
blog-blethers said…
Love the yarn you've chosen for your mother's gift!

And the photo's of your OH made me giggle - he has the same early morning affinity with the camera as me:)

I'm one of the squillions of folk on Ravelry also knitting My So Called Scarf. Isn't it amazing how different they all look in various yarns?
Artis-Anne said…
I'm sure your Mum will love the jacket and the yarn is gorgeous too. I do sometimes think that Christmas knitting can get a tad stressed at times, maybe I should start earlier in the year ? LOL
Good luck with the troublesome socks ,they do look very interesting and I love the look
Curly Cable said…
Keep going with the socks, you'll get there, hope the dpns are easier to use than the magic loop method. The pattern for your mums jacket, looks super, and I love the colour you've chosen. Good luck with xmas knitting :)
Anonymous said…
How are the socks going? did you finish them? It's funny how sometimes we just kind of get stuck and don't make much progress. I've frogged a few things lately because of this .

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