Slow starts

I'm having a slow start to this Monday, a day off work and I'm making the most of it, here in my PJs at 10.30am, cat on lap about to head back to bed with a cup of tea to finish this book. Bliss.

Headed back to see Chris' family this weekend and apply all hands to the pump on another slow starter. Chris' sister runs a holiday play scheme for physically disabled children. As one of the fund raising efforts last year we (the three ladies of the photo) made Christmas tags from recycled Christmas cards. We started in January and worked a weekend a month on it pretty much throughout the year generating masses of tags to sell and lots of lovely, fun crafting time. This year? We've talked it through, made some efforts towards it but until yesterday we hadn't managed a good session of actual creating. I think we just about made up for our slow start through a major effort, including some much appreciated help from the boys. Plenty of laughs along the way, though I think we all got a bit camera shy here!
The cabled jacket has also made a slow start despite my intentions on Friday - the pattern is much scribbled on as I think there is a mistake in it. For the medium I cast on 38 stitches as instructed and then on round two found myself with instructions for how to work 58 stitches. From the picture and the overall sizing of the garment I think an extra section of 20 stitches has been accidentally dropped in to the pattern. I waited to check out my theory with Chris' Mum, a wise and wonderful knitter (Hi Lurker!) on Saturday before I dared to get going but I'm hoping good progress will be made now as it's a chunky weight.
As for the socks - proceeding nicely though of course the heel is looming!


Marianne said…
Looks like such a FUN time! and isn't it wonderful to have a clever and experienced knitter around?
Curly Cable said…
Looks like you had a fun weekend, Good luck with your mum's jacket, hope you manage to sort those pesky errors written in the pattern.
Enjoy your day, sounds bliss curled up on a wet day with a good book...
Suzie Sews
Unknown said…
That is a front you are knitting? If so check the instructions for the opposite front. It should...cross fingers, not have the typo. Otherwise fall back on gauge, how big would that side be if it was 58 stitches? If you get a really silly size, it is a typo.
Have fun, or shoot the pattern designer...
Piglottie said…
What a wonderful thing to do and looks like great fun! Must be the week of pattern errors - I'm having problems too!
Linda said…
Thats a great idea for christmas and its nice just to do stuff together isn't it. Thats a pain about the cabled jacket, I hope you can work it out.
Cabled jacket is looking good. Good luck with your tag making!
That's a lovely yarn you've chosen for the jacket. Gorgeous colours.

Your crafting pic reminds me that it's about time I made a start on this year's Christmas cards. Where the heck did the year go?

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