Nearly there

I've been knitting furiously to get number two sock finished for tonight as this will be my last chance to post for a while as I'm away for the next week and a bit. Sadly still not quite there though I am on the foot of number two. I'm now officially a dedicated sock knitter and will be taking wool away with me to make pair number two - these will be for a present so the pressure is on now!

Having got onto the foot of number two I dicsovered that what I assumed was some misnumbering in the pattern was in fact me switching half way through sock one and reading the pattern for socks in 6-ply which is in the same leaflet as my 4-ply pattern. You wouldn't think it was that difficult to stick to the same page all the way through one small sock would you? Oh well you live and learn.

I'm off to San Francisco on Saturday with work and am looking forward to some yarn tourism while I'm there as I hear good things about the shops.

I was really frustrated to find out that Heathrow won't let me take knitting needles through security even though the airline would let me carry them on! Aargh - these ridiculous rules - I could take a pencil which is infinitely more dangerous than a 2.5mm bamboo dpn! Oh well at least it gives me time to catch up on my poor neglected to read pile - saw a timely post about this from Lolly just now.

I'm planning to pack my knitting in my main luggage and then at least I can knit when I'm away and on the flight back as US security seems to be a lot more sensible than UK!


Sarah said…
Have a great time in San Francisco. I can't wait to hear all about the yarn stores you find. I love reading too, have you listened to craft lit podcast at all? It's really good. The link is
acrylik said…
Have a wonderful time in San Francisco! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back.

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