Like Buses

Well I'm home, landed yesterday after many hours of knitting which made the flight much more pleasant than the one on the way out. Not too sure what time my body thinks it is but it's still up to knitting so it's not broken!

You wait around for ages for one hand knit sock and then like buses three come along at once!

I managed to get my lovely Volcanoes finished just before I left last Saturday and worked on Green Heather while I was away. Sadly for my friend whose Christmas present it is there is only one so far! Knitting is showing me how optimistic I am - or perhaps just utterly unrealistic.... I'm seeing him tomorrow to eat, drink and exchange gifts so it'll have to be one sock plus an IOU!

I really love knitting socks, am definitely already getting better - the only thing I'm not happy about is the toe grafting - my pattern uses something called Kitchener Stitch and I'm thinking I might have a look round the virtual knitting world and check out the alternatives for pair no 3.

Off to wrap it now, photos of San Francisco yarn later, just a small enhancement as I wasn't near any of the bigger shops.

PS Thanks to my 1 true beloved for foot modelling so well :0)


Glenna C said…
I'm glad you were able to knit on the flight! I have to say I took my bamboo DPNs with me when I went through Heathrow in September and nobody batted an eyelash. They were fine in LA just last weekend, too - next time I say take the risk on both ends! :)
Sarah said…
The socks look great and photo is really sweet!
Kelly said…
Bravo! Congrats onfinishing your first socks! They look great.
acrylik said…
Yay for the socks! They look fantastic. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.
Sarah said…
Thank you all so much, they're so much fun to do even if they did occasionally make me want to throw them across the room!

I'm definitely going to risk it with the needles next time - who can waste all that perfect sock knitting time.

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