Holly Golightly Travelling

So I'm off on my travels for Christmas in a few hours (first to Manchester and then to Watford - ah the glamour - it's not all San Fran here you know!) with my lovely revamped knitting bag.

Rather than work on the veritable Augean stables that is my Christmas knitting list, last night I attacked this:
with these (gasps):
to make this (cheers):

I've had this bag for years and loved everything about it except for the minor inconvenience that it had been completely unusable from about 6 months after purchase. Its poorly designed and constructed handles collapsed under the huge weight of a lunch I was carrying! Various attempts to push them back together being thwarted when carrying even a feather in it, it has lurked unused for several years. When I saw some recycled Sari silk online I knew I had found the answer to the handle issue and so when I saw Sanskrit at Artfibers I pounced on it and after rather more brutal destruction than I realised would be required (the second handle was of course the best held together handle ever seen) and the removal of the velcro closing I now have a travelling bag for the several projects that must be finished by the 27th. (Last phrase said in a high pitched hysterical voice while gathering wool and needles together with a wild look in my eyes).
On that note I'd better sign off. Merry Christmas!


acrylik said…
Hurrah for the bag with new life!! It looks amazing.

Have a wonderful Christmas!
artyfartykat said…
The bag looks brill!
Merry Christmas!
Sarah said…
What a stylish knitting bag. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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