Now that's over, it's time for the real business of the season

Siamese cuddles
These holidays with their sparkle and bustle are quite the distraction. In years past I used to associate this time with the pinnacle of winter, as if  I were saying "shortest day done, mince pies eaten, new year rung in, righty ho lets have at this spring business then". January and February dragging on drearily with the dark and cold were quite the anticlimax and time for restless blues. Then we had a proper snowfall one January and I had to actually slow down to something like the right pace for me, it was a revelation, January and I could actually be friends. Now these approaching quiet months seem like so much more the point to me and my traditional mid-December funk at being caught up in doing too much makes perfect sense.

This is my big rest time, a natural lull in the cycle of the year. I think I must have been a hedgehog in a former life. The idea of lining my house with leaves in autumn, battening down the hatches,  emerging blinking somewhere towards the end of February is a little too appealing. Given physiological and economic constraints I'm prepared to settle for hunkering down and embracing some hygge. All of which is beautifully in tune with the restful moments theme for this month in Sas' lovely new project #mymindfulyear.

Social engagements are welcome but slippers will ideally feature. You might talk me into swapping them for some boots and a bracing stroll to keep the daylight quotient up but, mostly I feel, I will only be truly happy when found sewing, knitting or reading in soft glowing light. The cats are on board so long as I keep the noise down. I've got some provisions in; Christmas can be an excellent source of resources with sufficient hints. The pile of reading material is substantial and  Rebecca Ringquist's glorious embroidery book has reinvigorated my desire for pretty stitchy time. I got a hit of knitting inspiration in December when I found some bright, soft yarn in a stash shifting manoeuvre. A Christmas gift scarf was born and I'm contemplating a lightweight version for myself. Let the cosy times roll!


Kel said…
I love that I hadn't spotted this before rocking up, new slippers in hand! Beautiful words as always, lovely Sarah.

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