Just doing it...

Sewing from my studio. I practically had to beat a path through all the things piled up in my space but a power tidy of ten minutes last night and I sat down at my machine this morning to start work on some stitched postcards.

So much time thinking about making is just no replacement for actually making. Especially when in the thinking I create such a definite vision of what the finished thing should be that it starts to become something almost unachievable by normal levels of effort.

It was talking about the thinking that then jumpstarted the making. I guess because the ways out of your head and in to your life are by recognising your limiting behaviours for what they are. Talking, journalling, blogging. Just taking a step back in some way is so helpful. I reframe this version of what 'perfect enough to get started' is so many times that I trick myself I've given up on 'perfect' and yet still I circle around things instead of getting on with them. Afraid that what I make and even where I make it from won't live up to my expectations.

Thank goodness for these quiet days when there is plenty of time to get going through it all to the simple joys on the other side. Thank goodness for great friends and inspiring people that share.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Thank goodness for this amazing year.


Fiona said…
Yes! I needed to hear this today. Just beat a path in and start. xo.
Rose Red said…
I know exactly what you mean! If I actually knitted in the times when I'm thinking about it, I would be a lot more productive! Perhaps that should be my New Years resolution, heh!
Kai said…
Happy New Year Sarah!! Love the post. I needed something like this to get me started. This is a year where I need to focus on me and what I want to achieve.. Thanks!
DrK said…
its funny how many things i cant start until i have everything set up JUST SO. sometimes this even involves cleaning, which i loathe! but i think its part of the process too, decluttering in the mind so that you know where you're really going. here's to a 2014 full of making!
Anita said…
lol...that so looks like my sewing shed!! Just a path to the machine.
Cheers, Anita.

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