Slowly, as many times as you need

Feeling very slow today. I had aspirations of scything through many things, gardening, baking, cleaning, creating but I woke with a headache and sore feet. So instead of doing I focused on being and I am sure that all that I most needed to get done today has been done. My head and feet are certainly feeling happier which is most delightful as I have a weekend away in Cambridge to look forward to.

I think that these lessons I need to learn will come up again and again as many times as I need. It makes my impatient soul itch to think I can't just grasp the nettle the first time around but often times I think we are unwinding many years of habits, social norms, lessons learned that don't serve us well now and so perhaps the only way to learn the new ways is to repeat lessons, to practice. Just like learning any new skill. I wish now for the patience I had when I learnt to knit and for understanding of the time needed for this amazing project I am working on. Endless healthy, rich, happy days I am knitting now.


Fiona said…
ooh, that was a fabby trip through your archives. also I love your home photos - so real and calming. I hesitate to blog photos with mess in them, or that aren't "good enough". I need to stop that.
DrK said…
more beautiful photos! i think thats why i love knitting so much, its about slowing everything right now to the just here and now with one stitch after another. if only we could do that all day every day.
Rose Red said…
Its quite the journey you are on. I love it. Life is too fast, we have forgotten how it is to live in the moment and enjoy what we have, always looking for the next best thing. You are on a good thing!

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