Florence Park trees

Apples on tree September 2013

Spare room needing sorting to become my studio

Cotoneaster berries September 2013
Ginger cat basking in the sun on car roof

Shady path by Florence Park

Hedgerow hips and blackberries against blue sky

Cowley Road, Oxford, September 2013
Happy September, autumn in the air. A month of change - of new starts and things coming to fruition in the northern hemisphere. The perfect month to be starting a new job. I felt all back to school-ish on Tuesday when I set off, no shiny bag, shoes or pencil tin to send me on my way but different commuting routes to explore and enjoy. My office now is based on the Cowley Road in Oxford, a bustling, busy place compared to the business park I have been on. Two days done and I'm crazy happy with that and everything about this new role.

I love the freshness of this month, a chance to turn a page or start a new exercise book. Breaking from routines brings in opportunities to do more of what you love, what you want to do, what makes you sing and less of what you find yourself doing by rote, for convenience or because you think you should. My few days break gave me that feeling I often get dreaming away on holiday, thinking about all the things you could do in daily life but somehow often just don't in the humdrum way of getting through the day. Different meals to cook, places to go or hobbies to create space for. Just tiny changes that make me feel like I am really living and not just passing by.

I have new spaces to sort out at home - can you set up a Folksy shop just as an excuse to sort out the spare room and make it a studio?? I mean I have the prettiest hooks. No worries, that is it practically done already. I'm gradually trying to tackle it and the rest of the house and the mess that builds up when I'm looking the other way - working or crafting. In truth getting that spare room sorted for craft supplies will help everywhere else as well, but oh the sun is shining outside and my deck chair keeps calling me! Still I will start to chip away at the inside stuff a lot more now I have less working hours out of the house. Back in the spring I read this post by Sas Petherick about home and I realised why living with piles of shifting stuff around had been seeming to make me feel a little crazy. Ah filling my lungs with Septemberness, so many good things starting here.


Lynne said…
You are having a time of real change, aren't you! Hurrah for you -- you're an inspiration!
DrK said…
very good idea to get the craft room sorted. you know how i feel about rooms of ones own. its impossible to create or come up with new things without the space, mental and physical. im glad you're finding your mental space as well, so glad to hear you're happy in your new role! lifes too short to do things by rote.
Rose Red said…
Yay new month, new job, new start! Definitely clean up the craft room, you will love it when you have!
Anonymous said…
You know what I'm looking forward to this month? Tights and winter clothes! Good luck with the craft room clean up.

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