Knitting in the sun

I may actually be too warm. Having cursed England to an eternal winter by finishing my honey cowl late in the season I would like to apologise! I am very much enjoying this sunshine. It's cold outside but I'm snug on a train with a double seat for me and my knitting and several hours with nothing to do but knit in the sun. Just what holidays are for.

I'm heading down to Cornwall for the rest of the week with a very special treat on Friday. A machine embroidery course with Poppy Treffry. Hurrah for holidays.


Lynne said…
Sound like fun. Enjoy!
Kai said…
Knitting in the sun sounds idyllic! I wish I had spent the last couple of sunny days like that. Instead I have been working. Enjoy your time at the seaside and the workshop!
Unknown said…
Enjoy the sun and the knitting!
Rose Red said…
Hooray indeed! Have a lovely holiday!
Meri said…
The embroidery class sounds fun! Looking forward to hearing about it next week :)
DrK said…
oh yes hooray for holidays indeed, and crafting ones are the icing on the cake! cant wait to see what you come home with.

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