The cowl challenge

One month, three Honey Cowls, sounded just the right side of not possible when I started, am one cowl done (in the rich, bright blue of Rico Essentials Merino DK) and one a strip in (in a much more lovely in person green Shilasdair) and just two weeks left to go. Hmmm, well at this stage only one thing about whether I can get three done is certain, typing on a keyboard isn't knitting.


Unknown said…
What beautiful colours.
Happy knitting - I'm sure you'll get them finished in time.
Lynne said…
Gorgeous colours -- I particularly love the blue!
Unknown said…
I love the Honey Cowl! I need to make the large version, not the smaller one I made. Yours are lovely.
Anonymous said…
I'm unsure about cowls. But perhaps the honey cowl is popular for a reason. I think I'll end up giving it a go!

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