Insanely beautiful sky

I tried not to take too many photos of this overwhelming glory. Knowing all the time how futile it was to try and photograph it and remembering to just look at it and let it sink in as well. Still you can't blame a girl for trying and I think even the half glimpses the camera has captured of tonight's sunset are worth holding on to.



Lynne said…
Absolutely gorgeous! The camera is a great invention but it can't replicate the wonder of the human eye.
Rachel said…
Beautiful! I haven't been taking many pictures lately...partly due to being so busy and partly because I'm just looking right now...rather than clicking. Sometimes it can be refreshing.
Anita said…
Lovely sky shots and even though the camera can't capture what you are seeing it is a good way to help you remember the sights in years to come.
Cheers, Anita.
Unknown said…

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