New toys for the weekend

It's a bright and sunny morning here in Oxford and I've got some bright and shiny new toys to play with this weekend. I gave in to my scissor obsession (I want these one day, you know the lottery winning type day!) and bought some beauties from Posie along with this year's felt ornament kit and then was delighted to receive another, very reasonable quality pair, free with the latest issue of Mollie Makes. My pincushion is stuffed and ready for action so it promises to be a happy, crafty weekend.


Rose Red said…
I love fancy scissors! So far, I haven't given in to my admiration f them, but one day I am sure I will!
raining sheep said…
So cute! everyone is doing quilting and sewing projects on blogland. I love those happy colours. Obviously holiday time is getting near. We need to get through thanksgiving and halloween over here.
DrK said…
oh i didnt know scissors could be so lovely. want!
mysticvixen said…
now I have FOUND you . . beware my stalking ways .. . hee -- xoox, e

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