Portland Postcards

Part one of our trip is coming to an end and Portland has treated us so very well we'll be sad to go; though as it's time for the beach tomorrow I'm bearing up. Here are some shots around town.
Pioneer Square, very early on our first morning.
The motto on the top of The Governor Hotel.
Powell's, apparently the largest independent bookstore in the world. We also found a whole shop dedicated to mystery novels today and I am so excited that I bought a copy of one of the last few Christie novels I don't own. I didn't buy any knitting books from this amazing selection in Powell's, too much choice?!
The food here has been great, plenty of vegetarian choice for the Mr - and I can (even though my heart sank when I saw that was where we were going) highly recommend an organic vegan cafe - Blossoming Lotus - the food was delicious.
The Willamette River which divides the city in two halves.
A view back to the south west of the city from the Hawthorne Bridge.
Autumn in the burbs.

One of the more restrained Halloween displays. I could live here :)


Rose Red said…
Great photos!! Looks like such a lovely time!
Leonie said…
Cute green shoes, and that bookstore....what a find!!
Geek Knitter said…
Oh good, you made it to Powells! It's a Pacific Northwest treasure, we're disgustingly proud of it!

Really wish our schedules had been able to work out!
Charity said…
It's looking like an amazing trip! I've always wanted to visit Portland. :o)
Lynne said…
Sounds great! I wanna go there!
Anonymous said…
Wow, those autumn pictures are gorgeous. I'm glad you're having a good time!! :)
Lea said…
what a great trip - and I must have those shoes.
Linda said…
It looks so good!
Rachel said…
Glad to see you made it to Powells! Sounds like a good trip so far, I hope you have a great time at the coast! Also--totally cute green shoes!
SueJ said…
Great photos! I want to go back to Pacific Northwest! Mt St Helens was awesome (but I am a geography geek!)

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