Out, out, out (in)

So the stash reckoning for the last quarter sees me with a halo perched above my smug non-yarn buying face!

Out through a combination of knits and donations:

Lazy Leaves - 366 metres
Moonlight - 1,000 metres
Baktus - 695 metres
Macaroon Purse - 92 metres
Lady E - 797 metres
Stripey Socks - 422 metres
H - 110 metres

To the charity shop:

Bright pink acrylic DK - 300 metres
Patons Bella - 157 metres
Wendy Shimmer - 220 metres
Wendy Chenille - 145 metres

OUT: 4,304 metres - go me!

And it gets better because coming in there was a mere one ball - required for my Knit a Poem H (because there are no useful basics in my stash!) and knit immediately - I know, I know, I am too amazing for words!

Wendy Emu Superwash DK - 110 metres

IN: 110 metres

Year to date:
In - 2,792
Out - 8,134

Such goody goodyness on my part, such restraint. It was only going to end in one way - a splurge. I like to think I've done it in style by joining my first sock club:

I Heart Socks Knit Love Club 2010

I am now actually looking forward to January my least favourite month!

I'd also like to point out that I'll be keeping my smug halo in place as this was a very good splurge on the yarn acquisition reckoning front. Although I've paid for it this year that yarn doesn't arrive till next year by when I'll hopefully have reached my goal of squeezing the stash into its cupboard and there'll be no more reckonings :o)


Caffeine Girl said…
I'm humbled. I'll be happy if I make it through October without buying any yarn.
clarabelle said…
Ooh eer, I don't dare to think what sort of yarn meterage I've acquired in recent months. I guess I'm stocking up for when my old age pension won't stretch to it!
dreamcatcher said…
Congrats!! I know how much I've knitted but suspect that yarn acquired may well cancel that out!
Rose Red said…
You deserve your smugness! If you ever need to feel smugger, you know where to look on the first of each month!!
Kyoko said…
You are very good (made me laugh when I saw your blog post label as greed). I must be very careful this weekend not to buy too many balls of yarn. Right now, I have two project going so they need to be complete before I start anything!
Lea said…
oh you have earned a huge splurge!
Linda said…
Well done you, an achievement to be proud of!
Rachel said…
I'm very impressed and I think you deserve to be smug! And what a way to celebrate--a sock yarn club! Fitting! :)
Littlelou said…
well done..look forward to seeing pics of lots of socks come 2010

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