Slow starter

I've been slow at getting away on Verity as I was kidding myself that I could finish Iris to take away with me on a work trip tomorrow. This little shrug has missed two deadlines now just because I always like to imagine I can knit faster than I have any evidence I can. I'm eager to wear this as I have a lovely dress that needs it. Next occasion wear event will be end of July and even allowing for tour knitting I think that is finally a realistic deadline.

Here is Verity where I dropped her last night having momentarily ridden into a spectator who as per le chien is no help on the knitting front at all. I've messed up one row so a quick repair required before I'm back on the bike.I am so enjoying watching the Tour itself and after the disappointment for my CSC team in the time trial I was pleased to have a good cheer for the Brit yesterday.In honour of Mark's sprinting prowess I think I should enter the knitalong's first intermediate sprint. I'm not going for the knitting option as a beret as a project choice really needs no further explanation so ironically I shall go for the cycling entry and talk about my introduction to the sport.

I say ironically as I think it's time to admit something that I hope doesn't invalidate my tour entry: I can't actually ride a bike! I somehow missed out on this stage growing up and attempts to learn as an adult have been bruising and unsuccessful. However total inability to participate in what I'm watching has never held me back in the spectating stakes. I felt a great wave of nostalgia for Le Tour when I saw the details of the knitalong at Bells' place. Suddenly it was the late '80's again and I was sat with my Dad in the early evening at the end of July cheering Stephen Roche on for all we were worth. I think we watched every year till I left home, some of my strongest memories are of the indomitable Indurain as his glory years sit square in that time. I haven't watched the tour since I left home for university though I've always had a rough sense of what was happening. It's great to have found a reason to be picking it up properly again. There was another strong hit of nostalgia when I turned on the ITV coverage this year and found Gary Imlach, Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett still presenting the highlights programme in the same great format. If I close my eyes and listen to their voices I'm back in my parents old living room with my Dad watching the Channel 4 show. It's a truly special sporting event and I love that it is now also a terrific knitting event. I find the armchair so much more my style than the saddle!

As I mentioned I'm off on my work travels again tomorrow. To Vancouver this time where I am planning a visit to Urban Yarns following Martha's great review. Verity will be in the case and this simple travelling sock project in the hand luggage I think:
I'll be away a week or so and as I don't want you all getting withdrawal symptoms (I'm taking a laptop just to try and keep up with my blog reading :o)) and because I like to copy whatever Bells does I'll queue up a little post to tide you over detailing all my latest yarn collecting :o)


Marianne said…
You find the prettiest colours! Is that the Calmer yarn in the 'calm' colour? Gorgeous!
Good luck finishing up :^)

Vancouver! Have fun!
raining sheep said…
Have a wonderful time in Vancouver...Vancouver is my favorite city in the whole world and that yarn store is amazing. I have been there...I love it. I go to Vancouver quite a bit for work as well, it's only about an hour's flight from Calgary.
Knitted Gems said…
Your kitty is an excellent guard. I know I wouldn't steak the knitting away from her with a stare like that. Grin.

I'm sorry to hear you don't know how to ride a bike. I find it so enjoyable. My Grandmother just started to ride a bike (she's 65), so it's never too late to learn.
Anonymous said…
I love the colour of the shrug!

It's interesting the TDF - it completely passed me by as a child, but then there wasn't much sport of any kind in our house!
Your projects are looking great! What a cute kitty :) Have a good time in Vancouver!
lovely post...have a great week, oh my all that yarn...yummy!
Rachel said…
Deadlines for knitting that aren't related to holidays? I can't even fathom! :) Have fun in Vancouver. I head up there in a month for a meeting. I doubt I have time to get away from the meeting but I'll keep that yarn shop in mind if I do!
Linda said…
I hope you get your shrug finished, its lovely. I hope you get to enjoy the yarn store in Vancouver and work isn't too busy. x
Lynne said…
Have a great trip.

BTW: I'm sure you'll meet the deadline for end of July! IF you really want to wear it! LOL
Bridget said…
Hi from a fellow TDF-er! Your projects are looking so nice (much better than mine, I have to say ...)

BTW, I have a cat that looks just like yours. His name is Jetsam, and he is nothing but trouble - but in a good way. :-)
florencemary said…
Blimey, wish I had your job, Sarah! Well, what I mean is, that I would love to visit the places you go to on account of your job (although I wouldn't want to do your job, eh, whatever that is...). Have fun!
Kristen said…
Hello fellow KAL-er. How brave of you to admit not knowing how to ride a bike! One of my sisters never learned either. There was an article recently in our newspaper about a local program that teaches adults to ride a bike. It has gotten especially popular recently with the increasing gas prices in the US.
Bells said…
oh you copycat you! Have a fab time in Canada. I shall look forward to hearing all about it!
Modelwidow said…
Love the colour of the shrug and what a gorgeous guard cat you have. Don't worry, even though I can ride a bike, I choose not to - I really don't enjoy it. Have a good time in Vancouver, looking forward to seeing your finds.
dreamcatcher said…
I always think I can somehow knit much faster than I actually can, too! Not so much my speed of knitting but time available to do it, at the moment. Love the colour of the shrug and hope it is all done and dusted for wearing with the dress :-) Have a lovely time in Vancouver!
Rose Red said…
Hope you have a good time away - I'm just coming back from a week away myself, and have so many blogs to catch up on!!

Love your TdF story - it's similar to me - I used to love watching sport - almost any sport - with my dad - really good memories.

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