Socktober Summary

What fun Socktober has been.
I've had the pleasure of reaching my goal of finishing Esther and making a start on the LoveMeKnot Socks this month. It's been touch and go with the LMKs, and thank you all so much for the tips and the encouragement. I knuckled down to the unpicking last night and I think I am past the worse on the first of them now!

Socktober gave me the required push to finish up the Esthers which were starting to languish, to take the plunge on the toe ups and I got a pair of Christmas gift socks done as well. It's also been lovely to see so many knitted socks out there in the world. I am a confirmed sock knitting addict (eleven pairs since last November). I love that they allow me try to try out new techniques and real complexity but on a manageable scale.Seeing this little row drying on the radiator reminds me of how far I've come with socks; my first pair (far left) are well loved and I thought they were great at the time but when I put on my course socks or the Esthers I can see the leaps my knitting has made. The first pair are completely different sizes in the foot as I misread the pattern and decreased violently on the second one, the cuff is quite tight from the anxiety of casting on to to DPNs and the kitchenered toes were oversewn with a messy hand to hide the gaps. Post sock course I really feel my socks are quietly fabulous; there's room for improvement still and there are always a million and one new things to try but I feel my finished items are definitely something to be proud of, something more than just a mother would love!

Happy Halloween to everyone, if you come trick or treating here I've made you some buns:PS Thank you all for the get well thoughts, I'm in the last few skirmishes of the war against the cold and soon I may have a voice less like Marge Simpson's :o)


Rose Red said…
It's great to see the sock evolution, isn't it. I'm the same - get better with each pair.
von said…
Hope you keep feeling better.

Your socks look fabulous! This knitting lark is great isn't it. I love the sense of achievement and how I continue to surprise myself :o)

I'm suddenly feeling hungry...
Marianne said…
Mmmmm I want to come over!

Your socks are ALL wonderful, from the first ones to the latest ones, and they DO just keep getting better!
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!
Socks are the greatest learning knit as it gets better and better with each pair!
yvette said…
Your socks look great, I love sock knitting for trying out new things.
re your comment on my blog, I have no idea what roving is going to look like spun, as a complete beginner I just pick something I like and go for it, so far its working out fine, I am sure that one day I will choose something that I hate.
Veronique said…
You are officially a sock addict! I'm still drooling over your Esther's... The LMKs are going to be fabulous :)
Piglottie said…
Thank you for the buns! Well done on getting so many socks done. I smile when I see my first pair too - I somehow ended up knitting the wrong way round and it took someone from my old knitting group about an hour to sort it all out :)
dreamcatcher said…
Your socks look great, nice to hear how you have progressed with patterns and techniques :-) I've decided to finally take the socky plunge myself soon :-o Must admit I am drawn to magic loop rather than wrangling the porcupine of DPNs :-) Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, those buns will probably aid recovery ;-)
Curly Cable said…
Glad your feeling a bit better. Lovely socks you've made and those cakes look really scrummy :)

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