And we're done

One week, one hat. I could have made 35 hats already this year if the flame of creativity wasn't such a flickery one!

Pattern: Christopher by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Cheery and Cement
Needles: 4.5mm DPNs and 16in Circ
Started: August 26th 2012
Finished: September 1st 2012
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There might be no sign of his jumper yet but I'm doing my best to compensate with a hat for every season! The idea of using cotton was supposed to make this autumn appropriate though the fact that it's reversible and so double thickness means that it's actually very snuggly. With many hopes around these parts for an Indian summer maybe the fact that it's probably good for all but the very few super cold days we tend to get is a good thing.

This was a total delight to knit. The whole sensation of pulling loop through loop and finding a growing item on the needles felt so fresh after so long since a good stretch of stocking stitch. This yarn is so plump it makes a really squidgy, lovely fabric.

I had some of the soft yellow Cheery Rowan All Seasons Cotton left over from the cardi I made last summer and it's been sat by my computer desk since then. Yarn storage for all except sock yarn is still slovenly chaos. Sometimes though my messiness pays off, there's definitely an upside to having your materials in sight for that spark of a project idea. I haven't knit any Jane Richmond patterns before but have had several including this Christopher hat favourited for a long time. Grellow remains a passion of mine long after trendiness has left it behind so I was hoping for a lovely grey to pair with the Cheery. I found a very well priced discontinued shade at Cucumberpatch. As ever excellent service from them and fast delivery happily kept that idea flame burning strong. So here's to the Cheery Cement hat and the lovely ears that it will keep snug. Now I'm lusting for a new hat of my own.


Modelwidow said…
Nice hat, I like that it is reversible, two hats for the price of one :0)
You may not have the most organised storage system, but it definitely paid off this time, and anyway it would be a shame to hide such a sunny colour away.
Lynne said…
It looks good too!
DrK said…
what a great hat! i remember reading the yarn harlot and how she said she thought all newbie knitters should start with hats not scarves. they are a great project idea for not getting stuck and finishing quickly. i loooove the look of that cotton!
Anonymous said…
Love those two colours together! Yay for a new hat! Or two!
Helen said…
what a great hat. So much nicer than the standard plain hats men wear. I love the colours together and I love the hem!

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