Weeks ago now..

..I went to Cornwall and had a very delicious time. Not only did the sun shine (though the cold wind was still blowing) but I got to play in Poppy Treffry's workshop and made, with a lot of help from the very lovely lady herself, a cheery cushion with a house on. She is a wonderful teacher and I have high hopes that with lots of practice freestyle machine embroidery and I are going to get on very well. Mum and I had a wonderful trip all round. We found a great quilting shop and booked in our next workshop and few days away together and brought home plenty of fabric and other souvenirs from our few days in the depths of my home county. Over to the pictures now as I'm just dashing in to make sure I share at least a little of the pleasure from the last workshop before I head off tomorrow on another one! Here's a blog post from Poppy's site from someone who attended one of her courses last year or a link to a video if you want to understand more of what we were actually doing all day. Apparently as well as craft kits I may now be addicted to craft courses. Escapism much??? Happy weekend!



DrK said…
so much creative inspiration, in the shop and designs, and also that breathtaking scenery! look forward to seeing your own creations.
Unknown said…
It looks and sounds lovely! Enjoy your next venture.
Lynne said…
My parents had their honeymoon in Cornwall (at Bute), and one of my great-great grandmothers was born in Cornwall (Callington) so, of course, I must visit there when I am in UK in 2017. Thanks for whetting my appetite!
Rose Red said…
Nothing better than a craft weekend! Not to mention one which involves a lovely quilt shop! And that scenery! Beautiful!

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