It's in that getting worse phase

I've been intending for forever (and likely blogging about it too) to sort out my craft supplies. I missed the tidy training part of my life and create a big happy mess whenever I make anything. Even when I've finished knitting something the ends, leftover yarn, needles from that project, scribbled on pattern are just left in the project bag as I scoot on to the next thing. Anyway years of this behaviour have led to such a mess in my stash, now I'm layering fabric and sewing supplies on top of that and it is definitely time to get organised. Not knowing what I have, not seeing some of the stuff in deep storage, feeling it it all just stuff weighing me down is limiting my inspiration. With some basic organisation I have enough space and (just) enough of a rein on my supplies to be able to create a pleasing crafting space in our spare room. I recognised that overwhelm at the thought of tackling that room that just gets stacked out with everything on our lives has been holding me back. To counteract that I've been just chipping away at the edges of it in the last few weeks, taking stuff out of there to sort it and then I took advantage of the long weekend and drafted in an assistant to make more of a concerted heave in there! I think I understand the parameters of the supplies and now just need to work out how to arrange them so that they stay relatively tidy, so I can easily get to the leftovers to put ends away for example. Making progress for sure, and remembering that the first rule of tidying is that it it gets worse before it gets better!


Unknown said…
I wish I had more of a craft room. We have a spare room, but it is full of twin beds. Even though it is never used as a bedroom! Oh well, it's there when we need it.
Lynne said…
I can understand your frustration -- for me it has been an over-abundance of UFOs that just had to be finished!
Anita said…
lol Sarah you sound just like me. My reckoning is that the time I would spend cleaning the craft room is precious time I could spend making something in the craft room!! It's a good theory and I'm sticking to it. What all of us knitters/craft people need is a magic fairy that will come and clean our house for us. What say you?
Cheers, Anita.
Rose Red said…
I know exactly what you mean! I am the same, too eager to start a new project to properly put away the leavings of the finished one! But it's a good discipline to get into, if you can keep it up! And how lovely to have a craft room! Worth the tidying!

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