The window

I think the biggest gift that crafting and blogging brings to me is to give me a window of awareness of all the amazing things around me. Amazing things right here. Every. Single. Day. It give me a framework that makes me stop and just be. Sometimes. It could be more. I wish for more but at least sometimes it helps my eyes be wide and my brain quiet and it lets me see and feel and hear and smell and taste more. To get deeper in to what is happening in the moment and further from the to dos, should bes and never enoughs. It's peak plum blossom time. Sensual overload.


Lynne said…
What a lovely, thoughtful post, a good reminder to us all. I wish you more of those times.
raining sheep said…
I know what you mean, my camera makes me feel the same way. The fact that I love taking photos makes me look at what is around me in a different way.
DrK said…
i think you summed it all up in your first sentence. i dont think ive paid as much attention to the small things as i have since i started knitting, just taking that time to be in the moment. its a real gift. gorgeous flowers!
Rose Red said…
There is a street of cherry blossom trees near our little high street, I love walking along there when they are in flower and there's a slight breeze - it is as if it is snowing! Glorious. It is the little things, isn't it,

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