Time capsules

There was a vintage haberdashery sale at work. One of my colleagues was raising money for the hospice that had cared for her late aunt by passing on her notions to good homes. Her aunt had asked her to promise that she wouldn't throw them away and I think she found the perfect way of honouring that promise. I love picking up used haberdashery and thinking about the projects the remains were part of or the hands that held the tools. We talked about the patterns her aunt had made for her and it was all even more real.

I also love the amount of information you can glean from, and the memories triggered by, something as simple as the price label on this thread. 6 1/2p. Suddenly I'm back in the sweet shop spending my few 1/2 pennies carefully. This must be older than me though; they stopped clarifying theses were decimal pence being charged some way before I could ever read a price label.

I've never seen linen thread before - so strong though - it makes perfect sense. I'll be using it next time my coat button comes off (I've sewed it on three or four times already!) and my thoughts will be of a different time.


Unknown said…
Linen thread is also great for sewing on leather purse straps to felted bags.
Rose Red said…
I LOVE vintage sewing (and knitting) notions. Especially the old wooden spools, very cool. And what a respectful way to deal with the stash of a loved one who can no longer enjoy it. I love that.
behind the ivy said…
Beautiful finds! I love vintage craft and kitchenware type things. That's a lovely idea behind the sale too. I'm sure her aunt would have appreciated knowing that her belongings were being loved and enjoyed.
Lindak said…
I too love vintage bits and bobs but am never lucky enough to find them! Thank you for visiting my new blog, yes it is me! I missed blogging and all you lovely people so came back! xx
Fleur Cotton said…
How lucky you are....I would love to have gone to that vintage sale, and for such a good cause too.

Fleur xx

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