The zenith of plum blossomyness

Plum tree buds oxford 10 Mar 2012

Plum tree buds misty morning 15 Mar 2012

Plum tress buds swelling 18 Mar 2012

Buds and first plum blossom 25 Mar 2012

Sunrise behind blossoming plum tree 27 March 2012

Soft morning sky plum tree blossoms 29 Mar 2012

Soft morning blossoms 29 Mar 2012

Branch of blossoms and buds 29 Mar 2012

Branch of blossoms and buds 30 Mar 2012

Sunset on plum tree 30 Mar 2012

Plum tree blossoms and evening sky with moon 30 Mar 2012

Plum tree blossom branch in evening sun 30 Mar 2012

Plum tree in full bloom 31 Mar 2012

Plum tree in full bloom close up 31 Mar 2012

Full plum tree full bloom 31 Mar 2012
I've been waiting and watching for weeks as ole plummy has been promising to burst forth with clouds of white loveliness and today I am wondering it I can call it peak blossoming time. Last Saturday I found the first open bloom and all week drawing back the curtain has revealed soft sunrises behind an ever increasing curtain of flowers. Possibly the height of blossomyness was yesterday as a few petals started to fall by the evening but there are still so many buds waiting to open so maybe today we will reach the moment of maximum fullness. Every year I am overjoyed by this wonder right outside my bedroom window. I just want to make myself a nest right in the middle of all that prettiness.


Rose Red said…
So cool watching them bloom right in front of you!

There is a row of blossoming trees up near our shops, and if the wind is blowing when you walk along there, it is almost like it is snowing!
Rachel said…
So very pretty! We aren't there yet...crocuses just came up (and it is currently snowing), but I can enjoy yours until mine decide it's time!

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