The Socks are Dead, Long Live the Socks

One pair finished, another pair started. Could there ever be a time when I'm done with knitting socks? Can't believe so when my list of sock patterns to knit expands almost daily.

The Old

Pattern: Regia Free Basic Sock - stocking stitch all the way
Yarn: Regia Nation - Colourway 5399
Needles: 2.25mm Harmony DPNs - still my favourite needles by so far, down to four after travelling with the them and snappying one - holding out for my birthday before I get reinforcements as I'm going to have to have the full set :o)
Started: 23 May 2008
Finished: 8 June 2008
Notes: So nice and soothing to knit knit knit all the way round and let the yarn make the pattern. Must remember how quickly plain socks go when I'm in need of a fast FO. Loved this yarn for spring and bounce as well as colour. It felt to me very like the Lana Grossa wool/nylon blend. I find both of these to have a lot more oomph about them than the Trekking XXL which has the same composition.
The New
Hoping to be a good Sockamania member this month, I've managed to choose between the two patterns on offer and have cast on Anni's Rainforest socks in Tofutsies Get Your Feet Wet.


Anonymous said…
I love that picture of the stripey socks on the deckchair! They look fabulous.
Marianne said…
Hee, great photo of rainbow socks on the deck chair!
Terri said…
I love the rainbow socks!!!!!! I always have socks otn too:-)
Rose Red said…
am going to be a bit repetitive - but I can't believe your socks match your deckchair!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Linda said…
What a fabulous picture! they look great.
Bells said…
oh they are to die for!!! Everything you've written about socks in this post is pretty much what I would write....I never find plain socks dull - they go faster because I hardly notice them!
Curly Cable said…
Lovely rainbow socks, they are superb, and your rain forest socks are looking really pretty :)
SueJ said…
Love 'em! ....and I must spend more time with your list of socks to knit! Sad, but true!!!LOL
AC said…
Thanks for visiting my blog
I would soooooooo love to be able to knit socks! I have only been knitting for about six months and everytime I have tried I have had a laddering problem between my needles.
Any tips?
raining sheep said…
Those turned out great...I love the stripes, they are really cheerful socks. I am knitting a pair in similar colors, but self striping.
Janey said…
Well I kept looking at the Regia Nation after you first posted about it but now, after seeing your fabulous socks I'm going to HAVE to get some! They are the best looking socks I've seen in a while, and believe me I've seen a fair few during the many hours on Ravelry!
florencemary said…
I get the distinct impression that you are becoming a total sockophile, Sarah! The Regia Nation is blinding - I love it!
von said…
Those rainbow socks are just fab! My second pair of socks (see the optimism!) are going to have to be rainbows. My first sock barely got past the toe before I found an unexplained hole. Not had a chance to fix it yet but I will! I will!

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