Oslo has been soaking up a lot of the sunshine that's gone missing from these parts and it has been a real pleasure to be there, basking in it, or actually more accurately hiding my fair skin in the shade these last few days.
1. The Royal Palace, 2. Dronningparken, 3. Strikkedilla, 4. My House in Frogner, 5. The Sock at Aker Brygge, 6. Vigeland Sculpture Park, 7. Fountain outside National Theatre, 8. Lilacs, 9. Oslo Fjord

It's a beautiful, charming city which seems to know how to enjoy itself. We certainly found a place we could enjoy. There is a lot to go and see and though we mainly stuck to the outdoors and made the most of the sunshine, the choice of museums, galleries and shops is wonderful too. It's easy to get around mainly on foot as the centre is quite compact and it is shamefully easy to be an English speaking tourist there as everyone we met spoke impeccable English.

The big news? I didn't buy any yarn because it was just too hot! I made it to a lovely little shop called Strikkedilla in one of the main malls - Oslo City. It was so odd/wonderful to me to find a yarn shop in a modern shopping centre and though it's tiny it's packed full of stuff.

Good progress was made on this travelling sock under the trees in the parks of Oslo, off to carry it on and make the most of the rest my last day off on a sofa in Oxford.


Kai said…
Your pictures of Oslo look stunning and that yarn shop looks completely drool-worthy! Glad you had a good time.
SueJ said…
Super pictures in the sun! Love the socks- what yarn are you using?
raining sheep said…
Wow! Oslo looks so great...love the colorful socks! I can't believe you did not buy yarn...were you feeling well? :) Glad you had a great time.
Reckless Glue said…
love those socks--so fun!
Modelwidow said…
Lovely pictures. And the socks - aren't they are great
Bells said…
How wonderful to go to Oslo?! Beautiful photos! I would love to go to Norway. It is such a far away place to us all the way down here!
Marianne said…
heh, I would've kept to the shade also..
Dude, that house you stayed in!! I could NOT stop staring at the photo, how beautiful was that?!? All the photos were great :^) and I could almost smell those lilacs... sigh..
Pretty socks!
Rose Red said…
all so pretty. I wonder if I shall ever go to Norway. At least I can visit in your pictures!!
dreamcatcher said…
Oslo looks wonderful!

Love the rainbow-striped socks!
Oslo looks beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice time :)
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you enjoyed. Gorgeous pics. Love the house you stayed in. Nice part of town too. If I hadn't been home recently myself, seeing hte pics would have made me feel homesick. LOL. Oslo in hte summer is nice.

Love your socks.
Donna said…
Fab colours on those socks!!
Tusa said…
Sounds like you had a great time. No Yarn??? No really, do tell... Lovely socks.

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