Third Time Lucky

So the labour of love is done and the ITB will have a warm, snuggly head. The close up below is to try and show some of the colours in the yarn, some deep purples and almost greens, but its a dull grey day today and they're not really glowing like they do sometimes - there is a better representation of the colour at the link below. I'm really pleased I persevered with this, having finished it the second time the inclination was just to say, oh well it's not great but it's done. However the fact that this was special yarn and a present meant I ripped out to do it properly. It was a quick project to knit and it really proved to me that it's worth taking the time to get something you're really happy with.

Pattern: Top Down Hat Recipe from Knitting for Dummies - 72 stitches
Yarn: Artfibers Sumo, a silk/lambswool blend in Shade 9, 1 x 50g spool. It is absolutely gorgeous, but very pricey, special occasions and small projects only!
Needles: 6.5mm Bamboo DPNs - 15cm (just about long enough)
Started: 26 January 2007
Finished: 29 January 2007
New Skills?: Bar Increases - I was sort of just fudging increases before but I know a proper named technique now!
Notes: Having done both a bottom up and a top down hat now I'm not sure which I prefer - the top down was useful as I only had one ball of yarn so I could use every bit and the I-cord stalk is cute but I'm not sure I would want this on every hat. If I can work out how to start a top down without it then I think that would be the perfect blend. There is a nice synergy in having knit for the 1TB from Knitting for Dummies which he gave me for Christmas. Hopefully this will encourage many more knitting related gifts.

I've swatched the Rowanspun Thorn for the shapely tank and the gauge seems good to me; so after weeks of preparation for the first big project, I'm finally going to cast on. Gulp!


Artis-Anne said…
Oh that yarn is yummy colours and I bet it feels yummy too. You have done a great job there good for you .
Look forward to reading how you get on with your top , you certainly sound as if you are well prepared , the yarn again looks great.
Thanks for dropping in on my blog :)
Seahorse said…
Beautifully made hat! Yummy yarn too. Good luck with the tank - the Rowanspun looks lovely.
Sarah said…
Thanks both of you - so far so good!
Charity said…
The hat looks great! Yay for the new project - it's always so nice when you feel ready to go. :0)
Marianne said…
Beautiful knit on that hat!
The swatch for the tank is gorgeous, good luck with your project!
Sarah said…
The hat looks lovely - so soft and such a beautiful colour. The Rowanspun looks great - good luck with the shapely tank.
Dipsy Doodle said…
Oh, this is absolutely beautiful - it looks so warm and cozy and soft, it'll be a joy to wear! And yay for the new project!

Dipsy D.
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acrylik said…
Your hat is absolutely beautiful, I went to check out the link for the yarn colour and it's amazing! What a wonderful gift, and great to have learnt so much in the process.
dreamcatcher said…
I love the hat! The yarn sounds gorgeous :-)

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