Auction Fever

Oh why is there so much life to get in the way of knitting?

So little weekend knitting was done as a lot of tiling took place, still I have a bath again - yey! Shower is just waiting on getting the grouting done but I feel like we're in the home straight with that now. 1TB and his Dad are putting together a kitchen as I type so progress there too. At least I shall appreciate it when both rooms are done - thank you all for the moral support. It's really not been too bad (keep repeating to self to stay sane).

I did finish up the last of the Christmas presents last night, so here's another photo of a green sock! I promise a rest from this yarn now. It's nice feeling to have the guilt projects done with - will start earlier this year! Also got my Water Aid square done on Saturday - can I claim that as a FO? - hey why not it's only me who's counting and 3 months ago I couldn't have even done that!

Some non blog posting to do tomorrow I think. Talking of which I have been checking the post feverishly for my Hipknits sock yarn but still no sign, had to make a small interim purchase to keep me going. It was an Ebay impulse buy moment and I'm hoping I won't come to regret it too much.

I seem to be a bit stuck on buying bargain yarn and then trying to find projects to fit so I kidded myself I was being quite sensible looking at some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in a nice everyday silvery grey for a little cardi type thing. Bagged me the yarn then surfed around a bit on the internet to see what other people had made - see how this process was the wrong way round?Found this review and felt all deflated - my serviceable, washable but beautiful cardi flew off to wait for a day when I am sensible and grown up about yarn purchasing and not 'ooh ooh it's beautiful, I want it, it's a bargain , it's mine now - oh, what do I do with it?'.

I'm thinking a shawl would be more sensible than a cardi as there won't be so much chafing of arms against body etc drawing all the angora away. Does this sound wise my knitting counsellors? Has anyone knit with this yarn themselves?

I've got a pattern for a shawl I would like to make - Dimple Stitch Shawl from my Easy Knitted Accessories book and I think it could work.

The yarn does feel gorgeous, the colour is really beautiful, right up my street and I really love this item so maybe it'll all be for the best. At least I know about Knitter's Review now, what a mine of info that site is.

Thank you all for the nice comments about the glove, it's nearly finished and then on to its friend so more details about that when I have a pair to show off. Off to do some swatching/microwaving of dinners now :)


Sarah said…
I wouldn't worry too much about the yarn. I'm sure it will be fine. But if you are worried I guess a shawl is probably a good idea.
Marianne said…
Have ye not wondered how the stash beasties are born, lass?
This is a prime example of how the stash beasties come about, don't fret it, loving the colour, I've never held that particular yarn, sounds really good though.
Good for you getting those holiday knits completed!
Now on to more fun,eh?
Sarah said…
Thanks both of you, so easy to feed the stash monster isn't it :)

Am definitely liking the shawl option following a bit of testing though actually the shedding didn't seem too dreadful.
Pixiepurls said…
oh what a lovely shawl, good luck with it!

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