Not so much toe-up as top down

No toe up sock knitting done this weekend after all as the skein has proved a little tricksy to wind into a ball. I tried on Friday night but had to give up and do something less likely to get launched across the room in a fit of pique. It's been so naughty that I've left it at my sort of MIL's who loves a good challenge to finish the winding process.

The less frustrating project selected was the top down hat for my 1TB who as yet has no knitted love to show for my new obsession. Best that he gets something soon I thought or the comments about the growing yarn mountain may become more frequent.

Here is progress so far - yes that is a complete hat on the right which I am reknitting into the third attempt! The wool/silk blend is very chunky and soft and I completely misjudged the sizing first time round and made a beret - the opposite problem from the kufi situation Grumperina was in recently, I'm pleased to be in good company! I ripped back and cut down the second attempt to 96 stitches but that was still too wide and not at all grippy so out it is coming into an 72 stitch option. The colour is truly lost in this photo so I'll make sure the FO is snapped in daylight. I'm not minding all the reknitting actually as it's very quick on these 6.5mm needles and the yarn is just heaven to touch.

My shopping arrived on Saturday and the Rowanspun is living up to expectations, I'm really pleased with the shade and feel. Yet to swatch but am optimistic it should make a good replacement yarn. I also got my Brittany needles and they absolutely exceed my expectations, they feel so beautiful to handle, shame they're not the size I need for the tank but never mind, I'm enjoying just stroking them at the moment!

I'm really delighted with the service from Cucumberpatch - not only a great deal but such quick delivery. This is the second time I've bought from them, the first was via their ebay shop and they've been brilliant both times. I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't shopped there, though anyone trying to starve the stash monster should not visit the site under any circumstances. I'm hoping there will be some Rowanspun left after payday as I would really like some in another shade. I'm wondering if I already bought more than I need because of the incredible yardage Piglottie mentioned, sure hope so :o)

Have a couple more days off work to knit, I mean do DIY, so hopefully I'll make some good progress!


Marianne said…
Well, you have some beautiful yarn there, it's just so much fun getting yarn in the post!
The gray wool/silk blend looks luscious, and you'll get there.
Happy knitting for the next two days!
Piglottie said…
The hat sure is a labour of love! Hope you manage to get it sorted. The Rowanspun looks lovely - what's the shade? And have to agree, Cucumberpatch are excellent.
Sarah said…
I love Cucumberpatch too. That shade you've chosen is lovely. I don't think they will run out as they seem to have had the Rowanspun up for quite a while now - so they must have a lot. I'm so tempted to buy some now I've seen yours.
Sarah said…
Thanks for the lovely comments.

The Rowanspun is in the shade Thorn and has little flecks of colour through it that aren't too clear on the photo. I really like how it feels and I think it's a real bargain at the price Cucumberpatch have it. I'm swatching it today so I will try and get a photo in daylight.
artyfartykat said…
What is it about hats!! I think I'm allergic to knitting them, I end up pulling them out so many times the yarn loses its uumpph! ( if you kow what I mean!!)
The Rowanspun looks lovely. I've heard lots of good things about Cucumberpatch lately, must try!

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