March daffodils in the sunshine
Plum tree branches against BLUE sky
Seedhead and daffodil buds
Fly shining in the sun on daffodil bud
Through fir fronds
Ginger cat paws in the sunshine
Primroses in the sun
 Photos of some fleeting sunshine  from this morning as I resist posting photos of WIPs to try and show what I have been 'doing' to justify my being. Have been tangling with feelings of not doing enough the past few weeks combined with not enough energy to do more. A tricky spot to tie myself in knots in. Knots I am slowly undoing as I unlearn the need to do something or make something, leave some tangible mark to give the day meaning and not feel guilty about all that is not done. Instead of that hamster wheel of glum I am choosing breathing deep, going slow, saying thank you for all the blessings around me. Especially when there is sunshine.


Rose Red said…
I know what you mean about trying not to waste the day. But sunshine! A day where you can enjoy the sunshine is never a wasted day.
DrK said…
oh you have to stop and smell the flowers, especially when the sun comes out after winter. it looks like spring there already. we are still stuck in summer. i hope you gave yourself time to just sit and breath.

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