Trying to embrace being bad at things

Papier mache apple, pear and toadstools

Acrylic painted toodstools, fruit and doodles

Acrylic painted birthday tree
I am spending more time being bad at things than is entirely comfortable for me at the moment. This is A Good Thing. I am trying to embrace learning new skills, new habits and new ways of thinking. This is not always easy but when I do manage to let go it can be fun. Especially in crafting and sometimes I even get something I am 'quite' pleased with like this little card. Mum and I had a play at papier mache this weekend and then I carried on playing with the paint. I really quite enjoyed myself. That is definitely A Good Thing :)


Unknown said…
Ooooo - I just love having a mess around with Paper Mache. Such fun!
Love the little card. x
Rose Red said…
I am very bad at embracing being not very good at something. I do applaud you for not being like me! As I tell my son, how do you get better if you don't practice?! Go you!

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