Sarah says simple socks are simply super!

Waffle stitch socks Rooky Socks that Rock

Charlene Schurch Waffle stitch socks Rooky Socks that Rock
Repeat that tongue twister x10!

You are saved from yet more photos of the the plum tree against the bluest sky of the year because I must tell you about the socks I finished a whole week ago! Sunday evening at our B&B by the sea the Mr went for a run while I sat in the setting sun and finished the toe. I can't remember the last time I finished a pair of socks, and man socks at that, so quickly. The secret? Simple socks are simply speedy.

Pattern: Waffle Rib II from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Socks that Rock - Lightweight - Rook-y
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Started: February 26th 2012
Finished: March 25th 2012
Ravelry page

After the initial false start these were a happy knit - with narrow ankles requiring just 64 stitches in the cuff (please let me remember that for next time!) it's only in the length of the foot that the beloved is troubling to make socks for. These didn't even seem long as they have been just the perfect no stress knit. Glorious yarn (though slightly blackening to the hands to knit with), simple rhythmic pattern. I think the texture of it when the socks are at rest is particularly delicious and the little squares nicely highlight the jewel like flashes of colour in this masterpiece of dyeing. That was the last of my STR so I'm glad to be heading back to the US later this summer, will definitely have more Raven Clan on the shopping list. Given my current obsession with shawls I'm thinking about how fabulous this shade would be for a sophisticated evening cover up.
Waffle Rib Socks - Close up Garter border heel
It's a long time since I knit from Sensational Knitted Socks and it was lovely to feel in such safe hands again. Lots of my sock learning was from Charlene's wise words and I like her eye for details such as the garter border on the heel flap. I took her advice on customising fit  and made the heel flap 40 rows rather than 32 which works nicely for his high instep.  If you ever have trouble getting a hand knit sock on even though they are big enough in the cuff for your leg then I think this is good adjustment to try. If I ever get my own pair of Spring Forwards it's one I'm going to use, although they're good for my Mum as the pattern is written I find them a little more effort to get on than they should be. I might even make  himself's heel flap even longer next time - and there had better be a next time a bit sooner than last time! Here's a shot of the very grateful recipient and sock model multitasking. He thought you'd like to see the sole and was very patient in having his tootsies snapped as he had his iPhone and iPad to distract him!
Waffle Rib Sock sole


Rose Red said…
I feel like you only started those a week ago! Yay for lovely finished socks for the Mr, they look great.
Rachel said…
Simply Superb STR Socks Sarah! ;)
Bells said…
oh yeah! It's a great book - it was my first sock book too and I haven't knit from it in such a long time. I always admired this particular pattern - and in STR it's SO good. Hooray for finishing socks!
Lynne said…
They look lovely - I love the colour. I hope that don't leave blackness on the feet wearing them as they did on the hands knitting them.

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