Auction fever!

We went to a local auction yesterday just for fun and guess what Sarah bought? More used haberdashery items of course - a full sewing box in need of a little TLC but oh so lovely!
Wooden cantilevered sewing box

I may also have bought some old suitcases. Old suitcases - hmm what would you want those for? Well for displaying things I've made for selling at craft fairs - of course! Yes I am actually certifiably insane. Until yesterday I'd knit - literally- 48 stitches all week. Ah well my fantasy craft life is very rich and rewarding!


Knitted Gems said…
My neighbor gave me her sewing box which looks exactly like the one you found. It too was filled with notions from her day. You should have seen the electric scissors!
Have fun rooting through yours.
Sea said…
I bought my workbox..or was it a pressie? can't remember, but I still have it, same as that one, without the distressed looking lids. Mine needs a new hinge. I believe the one's used for dollhouses are just righ.
Bells said…
my mum had one just like that for years! What a find!
Rose Red said…
Nice purchase!

In my fantasy crafting life, I cannot die until all my WIPS are knit. Hence I will live forever, heh!
DrK said…
that box is so cute! and i love the suitcases as display look. in the meantime they will make excellent stash storage!!
Sarah said…
That's a lovely sewing box. I'm just the same I seem to think that I can fit hours of work into the few minutes of spare time I get.
Mary said…
Wow, the sewing/habberdashery box looks so lovely, you must post an 'after' photo with all your sewing and knitting goodies inside.

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