Things to love on a Friday morning

Number one is light! I've got a meeting that will keep me at work late tonight so instead of going in at my regular time and doing more work I agreed with my boss that I'd start a bit later. Later means I'm home and there is light and time this morning.
Light to see all the buds coming on my lovely plum tree.

Time to enjoy a cup of tea in bed with the latest Interweave Knits which arrived through the post last night and a certain purry someone.
She looks so sweet and innocent there but for the last hour of my sleep she was haunting my dreams. The Mr had slipped down and fed her before coming back to bed leaving the door open so she could come up for a cuddle when she was finished. She's a girl who likes her breakfast as soon as she can rouse a human, the Mr would like her to sleep with us, I value my sleep and so insist she stays downstairs where it's much harder for her to rouse a human. Unfortunately he'd fed her a disdained flavour of cat mush which she explained very vocally was not what was required! She proceeded to stalk upstairs yelling the whole time and then prowl around our room. Thankfully attacks were mainly on him. He thinks the licks are love, I think she's tasting him to check out if she can eat him. In my dream she was climbing the curtains because he'd only fed her omelette, rose bush clippings and her biscuit bowl was full of nuts and bolts! I think she has us wrapped round her little claw doesn't she?
Let's finish with my beautiful blue hyacinth, not quite so loveable but nearly. And peaceful! I always mean to force bulbs but never know when to start, must try and get organised this year. In the meantime these were on half price as green leaves. It's so lovely to watch them bloom. The scent and colour is worth every penny and many a minute of time to appreciate them.


Rose Red said…
That's one thing I dislike about winter - so much dark! So yay for seeing the light!

Cats have servants right? Heh!

Mmmm hyacinths! So lovely. I always mean to plant bulbs but I never remember. And it's not really cold enough here either, sadly.
DrK said…
i bet in her dreams, you guys are feeding her cream and honey in her bed of rose petals while fanning her gently with peacock feathers! hope your meeting didnt keep you too late and you have a nice relaxing weekend planned as well.
Tanya said…
Youre so lucky you get to adjust your hours that way!

My kitty will wake us up by purring in our faces rather than yelling, so it's very difficult to be mad!

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