My Treasure Chest

I get a big hit of creative inspiration from finishing knitting. On the whole I'm better at starting stuff, always flitting on to the next exciting new thing and I'd forgotten a little of the power of having a completed knitted item that you're totally happy with in your hands and in your brain.

Those socks gave me a real jolt of sock amour and I couldn't wait to get going on the next pair. The plaintive begging of the Mr caused me to take pity on him and it had been agreed that I would make the next socks for him, it was just a question of yarn and pattern choice. The perfect incentive to get my mighty stash of sock yarn from the various crevices it had squirrelled itself away in and play.

Look at it all up there. So delicious! I'd started to feel a little bit burdened by how much of it there was - especially when I didn't get so much knitting done last year but now it's all tidy and together and I can easily see what I have, remember the lovely places I bought it or lovely friends that gave it to me and enjoy dreaming of its potential. It all just fits in one wooden chest and I can't think of lovelier treasure. I'll just have to make sure I knit a bit more of it before I sail the ocean seas in search of any new bounty.

The Mr made a fine choice of Socks that Rock in Rooky. Who says that men can't multitask? He wound it whilst alternately watching the rugby and the football on Sunday afternoon.


Sea said…
I don't feel that my stash is quite so big now I've seen yours. I don't have that much sock yarn, other stuff...maybe :$
behind the ivy said…
Oh wow, that is treasure indeed! I have stash envy now, even right down to a wooden chest to store in in! I think that's part of the loveliness of yarn, the memories behind it all. Definitely makes for good treasure :)

Hehe, and I love that you're making him work for his socks!
Rose Red said…
Mmm, look at all those lovelies!

The Mr has excellent taste in sock yarn! I think STR is my favourite yarn to knit with, it is so sproingy and lovely! He was obviously keen to get you started on them, heh!
Spinster Beth said…
Those are some really huge skeins! What is the brand name on those?
Sarah said…
The ones near the top of the pile in the top photo are Sokkusu O, from my sock club last year.
Rachel said…
Ah, how the potential of stash makes me smile! Yours is quite impressive, but I think you have the right attitude about it. Seems like the mr made a good choice with yarn color...and how sweet that he wound it himself!

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